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Comments (9)

You are so beautiful and it’s so sexy that a woman like you loves drinking piss and cum. I would love to see more videos in public places they are so hot!

deleted - 13 Jan 2018

This website is astonishing! It’s all I have dreamt of for so many years. The commercial piss websites make it look so mechanical, but you both revel in your delicious kinkiness and make it look like total lustful communion. Morgan – you are so gorgeous when you are awakened by Bruce’s piss stream and gulp it down. Just one question – do your piss-games include you pissing on Bruce? I’d love to see your piss showering his erect dick… Keep up the good work and continue to amaze us.

deleted - 8 Jun 2017

Yes, I do pee on Bruce from time to time! You’re right, can’t believe we haven’t done that yet – I just added to the list. Thanks for the suggestion! :) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 8 Jun 2017

Great video! These just keep getting better and better! I agree that cum in the glass would have been an amazing touch though.

deleted - 21 May 2017

Yes I think we all agree that a big fat load of sperm in the glass before I started drinking would have been perfect… what was Bruce thinking?? (he’s sitting next to me as I write this – says he’ll definitely give it to me good next time, hahaha!) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 22 May 2017

Yes yes yes!! I am so crazy about the blindfold fetish. Thank you for this wonderful video! I can tell Morgan was a little nervous but also highly excited about being blindfolded and exposed with no idea who was watching. I love it!

sandman - 20 May 2017

I was super nervous! With the blindfold on it seems all the sounds are louder. Felt like so many people were watching me drink a glass of pee. Which of course is pretty hot ;) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 22 May 2017

very hot! I like how she giggled on the hammock. Wish there was cum in her glass too though. But still a instant hit. you two really make my day everytime I see a new video. Its truly exiting. I come and check everyday for new videos. You truly are the hottest couple on the net. please keep up the great work. I like how these are videos I can watch with my girlfriend. Then we try to act them out. My girlfriends says cheers Morgan!!! has she raised her glass. :)

godisnothere - 20 May 2017

So cool that you watch these with your girlfriend! Tell her I say Cheers right back!! And cum in the glass – I just asked Bruce why he didn’t do that and he says he just didn’t think about it. I love when he makes me drink his cum & piss cocktails. Hopefully he does that next time ;) -Morgan

Bruce And Morgan - 22 May 2017

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