Do I Really Like to Drink Piss?

Does Morgan actually like drinking piss or is it really that she likes pleasing you, Bruce?

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Yes, I do! That’s the short answer.

The long answer is a little more nuanced. Let’s face it: piss is not delicious. It ranges from very diluted and pretty inoffensive taste-wise to very stinky and strong, even hard to swallow sometimes. And yet I drink it all down with a smile, and, yes, the experience is extremely pleasurable. Why? Part of it is because I know Bruce likes it, true. But an even bigger part is because it turns me on! Because it’s wrong in the best kind of way… it’s dirty and perverse and taboo, and also super intimate.

The hottest thing about it might be that I’m a smart, educated and respectable woman in normal life, and yet I choose to let Bruce use me in the most degrading ways he can think of. So in the end, each mouthful of piss I swallow has all of these feelings attached to it: the joy of being completely submissive, of relinquishing power; the thrill of seeing just how far I can go in depravity; the delight in putting the fluids of my lover inside my belly… and dozens of other things I can’t even put into words!

I hope I’ve answered your question. Keep them coming everybody, we’ll try to answer them all!

– Morgan xx


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Comments (9)

Piss is truly a turn on. I have the same. But not many ladies want to engage. Thats to bad 😉 Keep up the hot vids!

MCr - 6 Jun 2020

Morgan, IN one of your great videos (upside down) You started by saying hello and you felt like drinking some piss. That was very hot to hear. And seeing you find places to squirt your hot stream around the house is so wonderful to watch and hear it splashing. Do you think you could sit atop a step ladder and spray a nice long stream of piss to splash out on the floor. What a great waterfall that would be!

fountain boy - 26 Feb 2018

Yes it would! That’s a great idea, I’ve added it to our list for the future 🙂

Bruce And Morgan - 27 Feb 2018

you guys like threesome?

vccsell - 26 Jun 2017

never tried actually, and not really interested for now. we’re having way too much fun just the two of us! 😉

Bruce And Morgan - 27 Jun 2017

If the couple likes(loves) itself there is no limit has to indulge itself. My wife also makes him(it). She felt the pleasure has to make me happy, Often it is her who asks to me for it

deleted - 16 Jun 2017

Amen to that! 🙂

Bruce And Morgan - 27 Jun 2017

I love that you say this Morgan. I love that you enjoy being led further and further into the depths of filth and depravity. I imagine your heart races with each scenario Bruce has you act out. The more degraded you feel the more thrilling it is for you, I hope! Please try and voice out some of these feelings you have as you submit to Bruce’s perversions. To hear you say such filth with your sexy accent would be soooo hot!

sandman - 24 May 2017

I think that when we are shooting I get into this super submissive mode where, while I will do anything and say whatever dirty thing Bruce wants me to say, I feel like I have no thought of my own. Just… to serve I guess! 😉 So it’s very hard to put into words exactly how I feel and voice it to the camera while it’s happening – I’m kind of just purely in the moment. And it feels amazing!

But, yes, we do have plans for more talking in some of the videos going forward. And glad you like my accent! 🙂

Bruce And Morgan - 25 May 2017