Peeing with an Erection

Hey you two. I love your blog and me and my girlfriend like pee play too. But there is one question. Bruce how could i train myself so that i can piss and be like “hard” at the same time?

This took years to master. From this video

Hi. This is Bruce. Taking over from Morgan to answer this one. It took me a long time to overcome the natural reflex that makes it go limp whenever I start peeing. For many years I would masturbate, then try to pee while I was hard, then masturbate again. Slowly I became able to pee for longer while keeping the erection. So basically edging (keeping yourself close to orgasm without cumming), then going for a quick pee, then starting right away to masturbate as soon as it starts to go down… Rinse and repeat.

It’s still not 100% perfect, I have to be very turned on for it to work and I do still lose it from time to time. But it’s enough to have a lot of fun with Morgan, peeing during blowjobs or during sex…. it’s a whole new world so totally worth all the effort it takes to get there. Good luck & keep practicing!



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