Lana, Piss Drinking Pioneer

Eyes so beautiful, you barely notice the strong piss foaming in her mouth!

Barely 4 years after my last one and BAM- you already get a new Piss Drinking Pioneers! What can I say – I like to spoil you…

So today, class, we’re going to talk about someone a little more undergound than the Annette, Zophia & Viktoria of the world. Lana came and went from porn in the blink of a (pale blue) eye, only shooting a handful of scenes for GGG before disappearing (more on that later).

What’s more, she is incredibly shy – barely speaking and constantly looking behind the camera to the director for guidance. Not the greatest recipe for a piss porn star then… right? Wrong! This girl was MADE to swallow piss and cum. It’s in her genes, right next to the husky-eyes DNA probably.

Of course this is just speculation – I’ve never actually met her. But she reminds me so much of myself back in 2017 that I can almost read her mind. Unused to having a camera pointed at me, a bit awkward and yet clearly enjoying every second of the total submission. I was even waiting for Bruce’s order before swallowing each mouthful of piss back then. just like her!

She doesn’t blink when told to lick cum from the couch or dunk her head in a huge bowl of piss… She just executes, with the speed and zeal of someone who is very much into these kinds of games

There’s a lot more to love about Lana: her mesmerizing glacier-colored eyes, the effort she puts into not wasting one drop of man juice… but my favorite is perhaps the fact that she seems up for anything. She doesn’t blink when told to lick cum from the couch, or dunk her head in a huge bowl of piss and look at the camera through the bottom of it… She just executes, with the speed and zeal of someone who is very much into these kinds of games. I love it! As a viewer it makes me think: what else could they have made her do? 😈

Unfortunately we’ll never know – her only two piss drinking videos seem to be Devot 045 and Devot 048, both from 2015. Legend has it that her parents found out about her foray into porn and put an end to it, or at least that’s what a random person said years ago on AdultDVDTalk.

Sadly that could well be, though I prefer to think that a brilliant & groundbreaking design for a new desalination machine that actually procuces energy suddenly occured to her, and she relunctantly gave up her adult career to pursue it – for humanity. Less likely but a lot more fun than the old “women are not allowed to love kinky things without facing crushing societal pressure” shtick we all know too well.

Kinda reminds me of something 😋

Other notable titles include Susse 18 und Spermageil and Lana’s Sperma Appetit – both sadly without pee but with so much cum, you can almost pretend it’s coming from their bladder.

This is where I’d love to tell you how to buy the videos I’ve just mentioned but it seems like this is hard to do with John Thompson content these days. Does anybody know what happened? They used to have a (admnittedly pretty bad) video on-demand site, but now is just a sad one-column page with centered red text like it’s the nineties. There’s a link to their profile on BestFans (didn’t try so can’t vouch for it) but, like – that can’t be the only place, right? Slowly scrolling through 389 posts to find the video you want? 🤔 If you have more info, let me know!

– Morgan xx

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I think it’s a combination of JT turning 80 next year and the fact that GGG (like many others) came to a complete halt during COVID. So the BestFans(?) site is probably a last straw, since the rights to the old videos seem to have been sold to American Cumdolls who don’t seem to have added them to their library…

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A Member - 2 May 2024

That’d be a shame because German Goo Girls are clearly not American Cumdolls ;)

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A Member - 5 May 2024

Lana is one of best in the industry. Anyhow number 1 goes to revolutionbr

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A Member - 25 Apr 2024

Love your write ups on piss pioneers. Would love for you to someday (maybe in 2028?) share your thoughts on current porn stars who have fully dunked their heads in the piss niche–like Anna De Ville, Rebel Rhyder and Jolee Love–without being fully associated with it. There was that really fun vid where you called out all the piss-dodging techniques but I’d love to see you write about the virtues and faults of your contemporaries.

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A Member - 22 Apr 2024

Lana is one of the most beautiful piss drinkers I’ve ever seen! Magnificent ❤️
So sad that there are only 2 scenes with her but oh boy what a scenes that was!

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A Member - 22 Apr 2024

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