Annette Schwarz, Piss Drinking Pioneer

Beautiful Annette performing in a GGG movie

Here we are, debuting a new series of blog posts we’ll call Piss Drinking Pioneers. I want to keep the blog going with new content and since you guys haven’t been sending us too many new questions lately (don’t be shy, get in touch!) we’ll be sharing some of our favorite pee-positive performers with you, starting with the unmissable Annette Schwarz!

Annette is amazing. Her videos are some of the first I came across when I typed “golden shower” on a tube site, back when Bruce was just starting to introduce me to pee play (that story is here). While many of the performers I saw seemed to be going through the motions to get their paycheck, Annette was something else entirely. She seemed to *love* getting pissed on! Her attitude was so positive, so open to it all that it planted a seed in my head that has been growing ever since.

Her scenes often feel like a big party – piss and cum flying everywhere, her mouth open, trying to catch it all…

And the drinking… Schwarz can drink SO MUCH urine! From multiple guys at once! To this day I still don’t understand how all this pee can fit in her stomach. Were they cutting in the middle of scenes so she could go puke it out? I know from experience that even just one guy can fill me up pretty thoroughly, so her performance is just… wow! 🤯 

You can feel the enthusiasm! (GGG movie)

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason Bruce and I used a bowl so often in our early videos (A Warm Bowl of Piss and Cum…Extreme Perversions in the Art StudioCum Cleaning with Piss etc etc) is in large part because of this exact scene, pictured on the left. It’s a masterpiece – the angle, the light, the many streams of pee shooting out from everywhere… it was a big turn on for us so we tried to emulate it as best we could. (UPDATE Sep 2019: check out our video Cum Cleaning with Annette – it’s this exact scene playing in the background!)

I wish she was still around. I would love to have a chat with her about her experience in the porn world. How was it to shoot with that many guys? Is she into golden showers in her private life as well, like Bruce and I? Unfortunately she seems to have retired from porn, her websites have been down since 2014. Still… what a ride!

Wherever you are Annette, I salute you.

Your sister in kink,
-Morgan xx

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The first images and the first videos I saw of pee, were of the climax color, in euryopia and it was 1980, you Morgan were not yet born.
I leave you the links. you can see how ancient they are from the fur on their pussies

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A Member - 4 Aug 2022

Thre was also a very beautiful girl acting as a piss slave in GGG – Kathy)

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A Member - 1 Jan 2022

she actually is on instagram now, under the name “fitmunk.” look her up! she’s become a fitness maniac and seems to be doing well.

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A Member - 14 Jul 2021

Wow, I would love it if you did a blog post on Adara and her Pissing Off America tour. I was on her website where it says she’s making a comeback, (this was several years ago now lol.) I wish I could have been blasted in the face by her or at least judged one of the pissing competitions, I would have added an extra category for best tasting though Lol.

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A Member - 20 Feb 2021

Wow, I cannot believe that I haven’t signed up for this earlier. I cannot get enough of piss, and I love that there is a place to talk about it. I think the first woman that caught my attention was Adara Michaels in Penthouse magazine. I would buy that magazine every month just hoping for a tiny glimpse of pee squirting out of a pussy lol, and she was so hot and cool about it! Wanted her to pee all over me, I wish she knew how much she influenced my fetishes. Mind you this was in the 90’s before we had access to nearly unlimited piss content. Let the rivers flow!

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A Member - 17 Feb 2021

Honestly I love golden shower porn from the 90’s! People were so creative without all the inspiration we get today from the internet. I just checked out a couple of videos from Adara Michaels. One is a choreography which is super fun and the other one is a pissing competition. I might watch more and eventually write a blog post about her. She’s great! Thank you for introducing her to us!

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Bruce and Morgan - 18 Feb 2021

Yes, Annette was a legend. Hope she is having a happy life away from the spotlight. Her movies are awesome and have staying power. I would love it if she made a comeback. Even as cam model or something. But I guess all good things come to an end!

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A Member - 4 Aug 2019

Annette was a big turn on for me too! She was fucking incredible in her ability to drink so much hot piss! I can’t even imagine the number of times I came watching her work. Truly a legend. Beautiful face and body too. Last I knew she moved to the US…she had some kind of falling out with the guy over at GGG. I don’t much of the details. God could she suck cock too…and take the balls into her mouth at the same time. Truly incredible – so sexy, so vivacious!

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A Member - 13 Aug 2019

I suggest spotlight on Betty G from the GGG / 666 studio. She was a pioneer also.

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A Member - 18 Sep 2019

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