Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that I (Morgan) receives the most in any given month. Don't see your question answered here? Leave it in the comments or in our contact form, I'll try to answer as soon as I can.


Do you actually enjoy drinking pee?

Yes, I do! That's the short answer.

The long answer is a little more nuanced. Let's face it: piss is not delicious. It ranges from very diluted and pretty inoffensive taste-wise to very stinky and strong, even hard to swallow sometimes. And yet I drink it all down with a smile, and, yes, the experience is extremely pleasurable. Why? Part of it is because I know Bruce likes it, true. But an even bigger part is because it turns me on! Because it's wrong in the best kind of way… it's dirty and perverse and taboo, and also super intimate. (...)

Rest of the answer: Do I really like to Drink Piss?

How often do you drink pee? How much do you swallow per week?

It varies. I would say once per week minimum, but usually much more. Sometimes everyday. It depends on our mood, what's going on during the week etc. Bruce likes to have me dry/clean his cock with my mouth after he's done peeing instead of shaking or using toilet paper, so if you count that, then… a lot!

In terms of the quantity swallowed per week I have no idea! The only times we really measured was in our "Big Quantity" videos:

Big Quantity (850ml) 🍺
Big Quantity 2 (1300ml) 🍺🍺

How did you get into piss play?

The whole story of it is right here: How I got into Golden Showers

Do you ever cook with piss or sperm?

Well we made this piss and cum cocktail the other day. Does that count as cooking? Bruce also mixed his fluids with a piece of cake and then had me eat it, but it was already cooked. Actually here's a list of every one of our videos that involve mixing food with pee or sperm (links to full videos):

🍰 Cum and Piss on Cake
🍣 Sushi Delivery
🍸 Morgan's Cocktail
☕️ Cum in Coffee
🥣 A Complete Breakfast
🍪 Cum on Cookie
🍽️ First Date
🎂 2 Years Anniversary!

Do you prefer piss or cum?

Oh please don't make me choose... I ❤️ them both!

💦 CUM is basically liquid pleasure since it comes from a man's orgasm, and the small quantity makes it feel very precious, like a gift… I don't want to waste any. I do love the taste of it very much!

🍺 PEE on the other hand is plentiful (especially in Bruce's case, he has the biggest bladder ever!) so it's great for playing with, getting showered etc. There is a much stronger feeling of doing something taboo when it comes to pee, of letting Bruce defile me, submissive/dominant roles etc. which I'm really into. The taste ranges from mild (and quite tasty!) to very strong and hard to swallow. The thing is… although I really can't say I enjoy the taste of strong piss, I do enjoy the power dynamics at play *a lot*, and those are reinforced when the pee is stronger. So it's just as good in a way… maybe even better!

What's the most sexually deviant thing you've ever done?

It's getting harder to answer this one since Bruce and I are trying crazier and crazier things every week! I have to say the episode on the couch I wrote about last year is still up there in the top 5 kinkier things I've ever done... it was amazing!

Read the blog post here: Most deviant thing I've ever done

Can I call you a slut/whore when I message with you?

No, it's not something I enjoy. While I do like verbal degradation with Bruce in a sexual setting, it doesn't extend to messages from strangers on the internet. Keep it respectful, interesting and fun and we'll have a lovely discussion

How does Bruce pee with an erection?

Practice, practice, practice! It took him years to be able to do that and it still doesn't work 100% of the time. Bruce wrote more on the topic here: Peeing with an erection

Can I buy a bottle of your pee?

No we don't sell physical goods like panties or bottles of my pee... it would be a nightmare to ship stuff to people around the world while we ourselves travel constantly - items that are returned for whatever reason would go to a random airbnb where we don't live anymore! You'll just have to imagine what I taste like 😉

How do I find my own pee slave?

If you're looking for what Bruce and I have, then I would say first look for a girlfriend that you love and loves you back. I know it's cliche but that is step 1. You see I'm not actually his pee slave, that's just one of the games we play! You may of course find people with similar interests on websites like Fetlife, and then just have a few fun kinky nights. But for something long-term, find an open-minded partner and explore together!

Once you've found the perfect someone, how to do approach the subject with them? Here's how Bruce did it with me - it took a while but it worked: How I Got Into Golden Showers

Do you like scat?

Nope! We're not into that at all.


Why don't you do anal / wear high heels / ... ?

Because I don't feel like it. Although I've been exploring a tiny bit of anal play with butt plugs in some scenes, that's as far as I'm interested in going right now. Same with high heels - it's not my style, I'm just not into it at all...

I realize there are a lot of you out there who would love for me to do X (insert fetish here). I know because you've been quite vocal about it - I get it almost every week! Some even go as far as saying "if you just did X, you would be so famous!" or "your problem is that you don't do X...". 🙄

The thing is: I don't care about being famous, and Bruce and I are real people who have their own likes and dislikes. We decided long ago that we would always prioritize our own turn-ons above all else, and the day we lose sight of that is the day we'll stop making porn. I truly believe this is what gives our videos their "magic", anyway - we're actually enjoying ourselves a whole lot!

I saw you put something in your ass. So anal sex is next, right?

No, this is really not the goal. I just do what turns me on in the moment, and occasionally that does mean some light anal play (butt plugs etc). It's still new to me and it can sometimes feel intense and fun...

Except when I get tons of pressure to do way more, which unfortunately has been happening a lot. This immediately transforms it from an exciting personal exploration to the biggest turn-off ever, with strangers apparently knowing more about what I like than I do:

  • Just do it once for god's sake, I guarantee you're going to LOVE it
  • You've talked about not liking anal, not sure I believe that anymore [...] For a girl who relishes her submissiveness, getting fucked in the ass is the most submissive way to get fucked
  • It sucks that you do anal insertions and not anal sex, like you're teasing us 👎
  • A full on anal scene should follow I would hope
  • I signed up to see Bruce put his dick in your ass! I thought you cared about your fans.. guess not?

This is what made me stop playing with butt plugs a couple of years ago - dozens of comments and private messages like these sucked all the fun out of it. These days (2024) I'm timidly giving it another shot, not to work towards anal sex but simply to satisfy my curiosity and not let a few bad apples ruin a new branch of sexual activity for me. PLEASE don't make me regret it by pressuring me to go further! 🙏 That would be the best way to ensure that I keep those explorations to myself from now on.


When will you do a collab video again (like Pee Friends Forever)?

I don't know 🤷‍♀️ Bruce and I had a great time shooting Deepthroat University and Pee Friends Forever with Ema Lee & Nick, so we're open to doing more collaborations in the future. We even tried a few times since then but it never worked out unfortunately.

I do have to note that this is our real sex life, so the most important thing for me and Bruce is to have fun with it, and only collab with people we're comfortable with and who share our own sexual vibe... so the list is much smaller than just "anybody who does pee porn". The fact that we travel so much is also a blessing and a curse: it makes long-term scheduling WAY more difficult, but at the same time we'll probably end up in a country with like-minded performers sooner or later...

When there's a will there's a way, so I'm pretty sure it'll happen someday - perhaps even soon! 🤞

Do you do custom videos?

Not anymore, no. We did a few in the past but these days we're so busy maintaining this website, finding guest perfomers etc. (not to mention our regular jobs!) that it doesn't make much sense for us to shoot a video that will be seen only by one person, no matter the price offered.

On top of that, over the years Bruce and I have realized that we only enjoy making videos when we follow our hearts (and libidos 😉) in the moment... following somebody else's script and trying to hit their fetishes doesn't inspire us nearly as much. Lots of other performers do enjoy that however, so if you have a great idea don't hesitate to ask around!

Why do you wear a mask in the videos?

Because I like it! I like the look of it on camera, and I like that our viewers can imagine whatever they want under it. But most importantly I wear it because it makes me feel free to express myself fully on camera, to be as kinky and dirty as I want.

You see… shooting still tends to make me shy, but when I put the mask on it's like a new persona takes over. A fearless version of myself takes control of my body and realizes every fantasy I've ever had, filmed and uploaded on the internet for all the world to see. And I love it! I love looking straight into our camera and seeing my face covered in piss and cum reflected in the lens, knowing thousands of strangers are looking right back at me.

Another big reason is that this whole porn thing is more of a hobby for us - I have a career outside of porn, and putting my real face out there would undoubtedly jeopardize that. So the choice is really between shooting porn with a mask and not shooting porn at all... I know which one I prefer! ;)

Morgan proudly wearing her mask
My alter ego sure is slutty!

Are there keyboard shortcuts for the video player?

Spacebar Play/pause
Left Arrow Go back by 5 seconds
Right Arrow Go forward by 5 seconds
Up Arrow Volume up by 5%
Down Arrow Volume down by 5%
Comma (,) Frame by frame: Go back one frame
Period (.) Frame by frame: Go forward one frame
F Enter fullscreen
Esc Exit fullscreen


Does a membership give access to everything?

Yes! We hate additionnal fees just as much as you do - your membership gives you full access including unlimited video streaming, photoset downloads and all blog posts for the entire duration of your plan. You do not need to pay extra for anything, except of course if you want to tip us out of the kindness of your heart! 😉

What's the deal with video downloads?

Unfortunately we've had a huge problem with piracy these last few years, to the point where every single one of our video was getting leaked to torrent and tube sites the day after we released it on our old website. That was a dark period for us, with bills piling up yet very few people joining... we almost had to pull the plug on this porn adventure 😭

Instead we tried one last thing: started a new website (this one!) with video downloads temporarily disabled until we could find a better system to protect ourselves. It took a while but we think we've found it - we've been slowly re-enabling them for our long-time members since christmas 2022 and... so far so good!

It's a trust-based system: video downloads are disabled for the first month, partially enabled for the 2nd month (5 downloads per month, any video on page 2 and after) and fully enabled starting on the 3rd month (5 downloads per month). The months don't need to be consecutive - if you joined for 1 month in 2020 and you join again in 2023, it's your second month.

This is a work in progress - we know it won't please everybody but it's the best we've found so far. Our fans get to download their favorite videos, and it's a lot harder for a pirate to steal 50 videos and then do a chargeback!

How do I cancel my membership?

That's easy - you can cancel at any point from your My Account page 😇

Simply click on the yellow "Cancel" button (if you signed up with Verotel or Centrobill) or on the link "I want to Cancel my Membership" and follow the instructions (if you signed up wth Epoch). It takes less than 30 seconds eiter way.

You still have access to all content for the remainder of your pay period even after you cancel.

Comments (43)

HI Morgan,what city in the U.S. do you live in ?
Thanks you

Read More
A Member - 26 May 2024

I have a question for you morgan, have you ever had health problems from drinking so much piss?

Read More
A Member - 23 May 2024

Nope! Bruce and I are very healthy and drinking pee is not bad 😉
I wrote a blog post about this a while ago: Health Concerns

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 24 May 2024

Hi morgan, I wanted to know why you put a mask on your beautiful face in your videos and also how old are you?
Thank you very much for the pleasure you give in your video

Read More
A Member - 23 May 2024

You can find the answer in this very page 😁
Here is the link, to make your life a bit easier!

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 24 May 2024

Miss Morgan I do not care if you never do anal your choice I know I want put anything in my a$$hole your site is called pissplay not anal play I told you once Bruce is a very lucky man. You are sexy hell!!!

Read More
A Member - 4 Apr 2024

Hallo, könnt Ihr Euch vorstellen auch mal VR-Videos zu machen?

Read More
A Member - 1 Mar 2024

Translation: “Hello, can you imagine making VR videos?” Yes I can imagine it, but not anytime soon… very few people have headsets yet, and it would take a huge amount of new gear for us to shoot that! Kind of a fun idea for the future though… we’ll see if/when it becomes mainstream

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 5 Apr 2024

Hi, I’ve had membership for 2 seperate months. But the second time I renewed I did not have access to download videos.

Read More
A Member - 22 Nov 2023

Check your messages (the little mail icon close to “My Account” in the navigation) – you’ll see that I wrote to you twice there, once in May to answer your last FAQ comment and the other in October to ask if you wanted access to downloads 😉

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 23 Nov 2023

Ohhh the downloading thing sounds good.
Just joined and was frustrated with not being able to download and having to rely on streaming (as nothing’s worse than having the stream buffering when you’re about to cum, ruining the mood, lol) but that makes sense.

I like that way of incentivizing sticking around too and “loyalty” being rewarded actually. Glad you didn’t have to quit!

Read More
A Member - 23 Jun 2023

I know it’s frustrating for the first month – thanks for your understanding! Exactly, it’s a nice way to reward loyatly and return customers while also shielding us from the worst offenders in terms of piracy… so far it’s working really well 🤞

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

Hi Morgan and Bruce, I had a wine tasting the other day and had this idea: you could do a piss tasting. You fill glasses with piss and put some drops of some other liquid like coke, vodka, milk, etc. in them. Morgan must then guess blindfolded which additive it is in each case. If she guesses right, the next glass comes, if she guesses wrong she drinks it of course.
You could also make it harder by differentiating between her pee and his pee or even a competition between you.

Read More
A Member - 1 May 2023

That makes me think of the Piss tasting Ema Lee did a while ago! Anyways… added it to the suggestions list – thanks 😊

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

Morgan, I think it would be exciting for you to perform in front of a couple who are dressed and observing you as you masturbate and piss and even face piss yourself. They would be clothed and just sit and watch and enjoy as if they bought tickets to see this performance. Maybe in the end she raises her skirt to soak you with her own hot piss as he holds her skirt up and then they smile and leave. It would be like a public taboo sex performance that you have been trained to do.

Read More
A Member - 10 Mar 2023

Thanks, added it to our suggestions list! 👍

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023

Do you ever cum kiss Bruce have him lick his cum off of you?

Read More
A Member - 27 Jan 2023

I’ve kissed Bruce with his cum still around my lips / face, sure! Never had him lick his cum off of me though

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Bruce and Morgan - 27 Jan 2023

what is the message you have for girls who like to try and shy or scared for golden showers?

Read More
A Member - 3 Nov 2022

Well I would never force anybody into anything… but I would recommend most girls work up the courage to try it at least once if they can. I think many will be surprised to see that it’s not nearly as gross as you’d think, and even instantly arousing for some… it was for me!

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 5 Nov 2022

Had a relationship where we experimented a bit and she first showed me her interest in just wanting to watch me piss. Then the first experience was that I just peed on her tits, chest and neck in the shower and she liked it and then we did a little more.

Read More
A Member - 23 Jun 2023

Yeah I think that’s a nice slow progression, and much more likely to get a girl into it than jumping straight into trying to make her guzzle piss! 👍

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

Congratulations for the website. It is fantastic and the contents are very good. I would love to be able to download the older content. I understand the piracy issue, anyway. A greeting and that they continue doing such morbid things.

Read More
A Member - 22 Aug 2022

Bruce, Morgan, I love your content! One of my favorite parts of your videos is when your hair gets soaked. I was wondering if you (Morgan) would ever consider growing out your bush? I’ve seen you let it come in just a little before and I think it would look great if you let it grow more and have Bruce soak it in his piss. Just a suggestion, no pressure but I’d be happy to see it!

Read More
A Member - 13 Apr 2022

Thanks for the suggestion! Just added it to our list. I must say I am loving the shaved look these days but who knows, maybe in the future…

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 13 Apr 2022

As a couple we found this site from a friend mentioning it to us, and we just LOVE that you explore this together, and that you share your enjoyment with the world (and out in the world–say on a beach).

While we enjoy being in the swing lifestyle, enjoying other unicorns and couples, we are definitely just beginning to explore playing with pee.

It’s been funny to watch your videos together with another couple(s), who never even thought about all the fun things pee allows couples to share.

On this new site, we’d love to see you creatively explore games you can play with pee, things like distance, or spelling in the snow, aiming and hitting targets (face only, toes only ;-))

One of the questions we’ve all talked about is who cleans up? We think it might be the maid (or at least Morgan in a sexy maid outfit)!

Finally playing in the shower is where we are at our our journey, so have you do you handle getting pee on your hair, or have you ever washed only your hair from a bowl of warm pee? Hair is a huge turn on, but it takes so long to get curled, straightened, that it’s just been too naughty for us to try!

Anyway, wanted to share that we’re happy to see you launching a new site, we’re excited to watch, thank you for being so sweet, naughty, sexy, delicious, and creative.

We can’t wait to see what your up too!


Read More
A Member - 24 May 2021

Hi there, We’re very happy to know that you are exploring pee play as a couple!

The shower is a great place to start playing with piss because you can try many different things (pee on body, inside the mouth, on the head, practice drinking…) without having much to clean afterwards.

And to answer your question about who cleans, well.. we both clean up although if I’m too soaked Bruce will clean while I take a shower or else I’d be useless dripping around. Yes, I have it pretty good 😉

I haven’t washed my hair in a bowl of pee, but I wash it all the time and I’m not good at styling so thats’s not even a problem for me. I’d be tired of golden showers if I had to style my hair all the time! I just go au naturel.

I like the concept of contest with pee! I’ve seen a video about that and it’s super fun! We might do it in the future!

Please keep the comments coming, we love reading them!!!

-Morgan 😘

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 26 May 2021

Hey there BruGan (portmanteau ftw!). My girl and I are preparing for her first pissplay experience, discussing and learning the details and each others’ needs. I think that you both, as trailblazers in the field, could make a great educational video on preparing first-timers to enter the play comfortably. If you could respond with some tips for us and recommend some of your current videos along these lines we would love it. Thanks for all you do.

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A Member - 12 May 2021

BruGan… hope that doesn’t stick 🤣 First of all congratulations for the leap! I totally agree, we should make a video (or series?) along the lines of “introduction to piss play”. We actually thought about it and even drafted ideas about a year ago… Then we were forced to build this new website and got so swamped with work we kinda forgot.

All I can say is “it’s coming!”, just not sure when.. my advice for now is to just do what feels good in the moment, and not push it too quickly (it’s ok not to drink the first time!). The shower is a great place to start, maybe just pee on each other’s bodies and have fun… even just that can be surprisingly enjoyable and naughty at first!

Here are some videos I recommend:

Both Sensual Morning and Valentine’s Day in Bed are not very hardcore and feel quite introductory since there’s not much pee, which can be good for someone who’s starting out. A little goes a long way at first! In The Interview Bruce pees on my body while I masturbate, which helps to associate pee with pleasure for both people involved… I know personally it makes my pleasure even more intense!

When you’re ready for a little taste one option is to pour it on your cock/pussy and lick it off like we did in Grandma’s Remedy. Think you can handle more? Check out Levels of Piss Drinking and see how far you guys can take things. Lastly you can read this blog post about how I got into this fetish.

Have a great piss play experience and let me know how it goes! 🥰

-M xx

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 15 May 2021

Thanks for the thoughtful response, Morgan. I appreciate all that y’all do.

Read More
A Member - 21 May 2021

Keep a lid on those sharing without permission
Allows you to have a premium content people will
Pay for

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A Member - 3 May 2021

very nice website, thanks for the great content. What would you think about practicing piss games in a semi-public place, like in a dressing-room or something?

Read More
A Member - 15 Apr 2021

Thank you! I think it’s a great idea and we’ve thought about it! We might be able to do something like that in the future, we just have to find the right place!

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 15 Apr 2021

When Bruce pisses in your mouth and you are not trying to throat him can you swallow his piss without gagging? Have you ever been able to swallow an entire pissing without spilling? Is it uncomfortable or not especially so, provided your gulping keeps up with the quantity?

Read More
A Member - 18 Mar 2021

I’ve tried to swallow while Bruce’s cock is in my mouth but I failed. I can’t swallow with my mouth open, it’s like a reflex. I would love to though!
I always I do my best to not spill any pee 😉😘

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 20 Mar 2021

Looking forward to the day you guys start doing custom videos ;) and I hope one day you guys show your face, Morgan your so beautiful nothing to be shy about! Same goes for Bruce. Unless your doing it because of your day jobs then that’s completely understandable.

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A Member - 14 Apr 2019

Hello, awesome pics and clips! I only wish you would play also with Morgan’s lovely feet…drenched in piss… LOL

Read More
A Member - 17 Jun 2019

When do you try again to swallow Bruce piss straight from his cock during a very gagging deepthroat? I know you tried and it’s quite hard, but wery submissive and exciting to swallow his piss when his cock is very deep in your throat! Filling your stomach directly!??? So a new try?

Read More
A Member - 20 Apr 2020

Good question! We did this recently in the video Upside Down: Bruce was pissing as he was ramming his cock down my throat pretty deep. I don’t know how much went it my stomach to be honest – it felt like ti was mostly getting blocked and coming back up, wetting my whole face in the process! Will have to try again but even deeper….. -M xx

Read More
Bruce And Morgan - 20 Apr 2020

Are you going to do any more toilet for a day videos? They are so hot.

Read More
A Member - 1 Jul 2020


Read More
Bruce And Morgan - 2 Jul 2020

Have you ever been recognized in public (in day to day life without mask) or by friends/family?

Read More
A Member - 15 Oct 2020

No, never… Not yet anyway! Or perhaps I have, but the person was too shy to come forward?

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 15 Oct 2020


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