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Not currently, although we'd like to start doing them in the future. For now we just want to focus on making the absolute best pissing videos we can. We'll update this answer when we start offering them - just check back here regularly if you're interested.

Yes, I do! That’s the short answer.

The long answer is a little more nuanced. Let’s face it: piss is not delicious. It ranges from very diluted and pretty inoffensive taste-wise to very stinky and strong, even hard to swallow sometimes. And yet I drink it all down with a smile, and, yes, the experience is extremely pleasurable. Why? Part of it is because I know Bruce likes it, true. But an even bigger part is because it turns me on! Because it’s wrong in the best kind of way… it’s dirty and perverse and taboo, and also super intimate. (...)
Rest of the answer: Do I really like to Drink Piss?

It varies. I would say once per week minimum, but usually much more. Sometimes everyday. It depends on our mood, what’s going on during the week etc. Bruce likes to have me dry/clean his cock with my mouth after he’s done peeing instead of shaking or using toilet paper, so if you count that, then… a lot!

In terms of the quantity swallowed per week I have no idea! The only times we really measured was in our "Big Quantity" videos:

Big Quantity (850ml) 🍺
Big Quantity 2 (1300ml) 🍺🍺

Because I like it! I like the look of it on camera, and I like that our viewers can imagine whatever they want under it. But most importantly I wear it because it makes me feel free to express myself fully on camera, to be as kinky and dirty as I want.

You see… shooting still tends to make me shy, but when I put the mask on it’s like a new persona takes over. A fearless version of myself takes control of my body and realizes every fantasy I’ve ever had, filmed and uploaded on the internet for all the world to see. And I love it! I love looking straight into our camera and seeing my face covered in piss and cum reflected in the lens, knowing thousands of strangers are looking right back at me.

The whole story of it is right here: How I got into Golden Showers

Well we made this piss and cum cocktail the other day. Does that count as cooking? Bruce also mixed his fluids with a piece of cake and then had me eat it, but it was already cooked. Actually here's a list of every one of our videos that involve mixing food with pee or sperm (links to full videos):

🍰 Cum and Piss on Cake
🍣 Sushi Delivery
🍸 Morgan's Cocktail
☕️ Cum in Coffee
🥣 A Complete Breakfast
🍪 Cum on Cookie
🍽️ First Date
🎂 2 Years Anniversary!

Oh please don't make me choose... I ❤️ them both!

💦 CUM is basically liquid pleasure since it comes from a man’s orgasm, and the small quantity makes it feel very precious, like a gift… I don’t want to waste any. I do love the taste of it very much!

🍺 PEE on the other hand is plentiful (especially in Bruce’s case, he has the biggest bladder ever!) so it’s great for playing with, getting showered etc. There is a much stronger feeling of doing something taboo when it comes to pee, of letting Bruce defile me, submissive/dominant roles etc. which I’m really into. The taste ranges from mild (and quite tasty!) to very strong and hard to swallow. The thing is… although I really can’t say I enjoy the taste of strong piss, I do enjoy the power dynamics at play *a lot*, and those are reinforced when the pee is stronger. So it’s just as good in a way… maybe even better!

It's getting harder to answer this one since Bruce and I are trying crazier and crazier things every week! I have to say the episode on the couch I wrote about last year is still up there in the top 5 kinkier things I've ever done... it was amazing!

Read the blog post here: Most deviant thing I've ever done

Practice, practice, practice! It took him years to be able to do that and it still doesn't work 100% of the time. Bruce wrote more on the topic here: Peeing with an erection

If you’re looking for what Bruce and I have, then I would say first look for a girlfriend that you love and loves you back. I know it’s cliche but that is step 1. You see I’m not actually his pee slave, that’s just one of the games we play! You may of course find people with similar interests on websites like Fetlife, and then just have a few fun kinky nights. But for something long-term, find an open-minded, wild woman and explore together! Then there really is no limit to the things you’ll get to experience together :)

You can stream an unlimited amount of videos every month but there is no download option for the moment. We had a huge piracy problem with our old site, with every video released immediately leaked to torrent sites - so much so that at some point we almost decided to close the site and stop making porn! Which would have been quite sad... 😢

Instead we decided to try this model, where the membership price is lower and the videos are streaming-only. We'll see how it goes - if you have any feedback please feel to free to contact us (non-members) or message us (members)!

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Solar1976 - 3 May 2021

very nice website, thanks for the great content. What would you think about practicing piss games in a semi-public place, like in a dressing-room or something?

localdaeru - 15 Apr 2021

Thank you! I think it’s a great idea and we’ve thought about it! We might be able to do something like that in the future, we just have to find the right place!

Bruce and Morgan - 15 Apr 2021

When Bruce pisses in your mouth and you are not trying to throat him can you swallow his piss without gagging? Have you ever been able to swallow an entire pissing without spilling? Is it uncomfortable or not especially so, provided your gulping keeps up with the quantity?

Giacomo - 18 Mar 2021

I’ve tried to swallow while Bruce’s cock is in my mouth but I failed. I can’t swallow with my mouth open, it’s like a reflex. I would love to though!
I always I do my best to not spill any pee 😉😘

Bruce and Morgan - 20 Mar 2021

Have you ever been recognized in public (in day to day life without mask) or by friends/family?

adlet06 - 15 Oct 2020

No, never… Not yet anyway! Or perhaps I have, but the person was too shy to come forward?

Bruce and Morgan - 15 Oct 2020

Are you going to do any more toilet for a day videos? They are so hot.

deleted - 1 Jul 2020


Bruce And Morgan - 2 Jul 2020

When do you try again to swallow Bruce piss straight from his cock during a very gagging deepthroat? I know you tried and it’s quite hard, but wery submissive and exciting to swallow his piss when his cock is very deep in your throat! Filling your stomach directly!??? So a new try?

Viking2776 - 20 Apr 2020

Good question! We did this recently in the video Upside Down: Bruce was pissing as he was ramming his cock down my throat pretty deep. I don’t know how much went it my stomach to be honest – it felt like ti was mostly getting blocked and coming back up, wetting my whole face in the process! Will have to try again but even deeper….. -M xx

Bruce And Morgan - 20 Apr 2020

Hello, awesome pics and clips! I only wish you would play also with Morgan’s lovely feet…drenched in piss… LOL

alexgualty - 17 Jun 2019

Looking forward to the day you guys start doing custom videos 😉 and I hope one day you guys show your face, Morgan your so beautiful nothing to be shy about! Same goes for Bruce. Unless your doing it because of your day jobs then that’s completely understandable.

Smookiekart - 14 Apr 2019


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