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We are
Bruce and Morgan,

a real-life couple with a dirty secret... We do porn! Piss porn, in fact. Hi Mom! โ€๐Ÿ‘‹

Pee play is too often seen as taboo or wrong, but in fact it can be a wonderful way to share intimacy and pleasure with a partner (or by yourself!)

Sure, it's super kinky - that's what makes it fun! Check out our trailer โžกโฌ‡ and join us as we and our friends explore the wilder side of sex

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Thumbnail for Quickie: Ema Lee Slow-Mo
Quickie: Ema Lee Slow-Mo
Thumbnail for Working on my Obedience
Working on my Obedience
Thumbnail for Phone Call Orgasm
Phone Call Orgasm
Thumbnail for Ema Lee’s Piss Drinking Journey
Ema Lee’s Piss Drinking Journey
Thumbnail for Piss Dodging Dirty Tricks
Piss Dodging Dirty Tricks
Thumbnail for Golden Hike with Rachel Rivers
Golden Hike with Rachel Rivers
Thumbnail for Call Me Names
Call Me Names
Thumbnail for Big Quantity Compilation
Big Quantity Compilation
Thumbnail for Toilet for a Day – On the Road
Toilet for a Day – On the Road
Thumbnail for Ass to Mouth
Ass to Mouth
Thumbnail for Deepthroat University
Deepthroat University
Thumbnail for To My Ex Boyfriends
To My Ex Boyfriends
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Thumbnail for Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach
40 photos
Thumbnail for Beauty Rest
Beauty Rest
18 photos
Thumbnail for The Ideas Bowl: Lipstick Degradation
The Ideas Bowl: Lipstick Degradation
25 photos
Thumbnail for Condom Drink
Condom Drink
37 photos
Thumbnail for Cumshot Compilation #3
Cumshot Compilation #3
48 photos
Thumbnail for I Like to Obey
I Like to Obey
37 photos
Thumbnail for Toilet for a Day #2
Toilet for a Day #2
45 photos
Thumbnail for Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream
40 photos
Thumbnail for Selfpee for Bruce
Selfpee for Bruce
21 photos
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Latest Blog Posts

Thumbnail for Yellow Slow-Mo

Yellow Slow-Mo

26 Sep 2022 Behind the Scenes 1

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think pee play is one of the the best-looking fetish in the world. A golden stream sparkling in the air, exploding all over someone’s face and then filling their mouth is an objectively beautiful thing – that fact that it comes from someone’s bladder is […]

Thumbnail for How Much Pee Have I Drunk?

How Much Pee Have I Drunk?

5 Aug 2022 Q&A 6

Morgan how much pee have you drunk so far? Have you been keeping track? Everybody I haven’t been keeping track, no… but the camera has! And after getting asked this question 2 trillion times over the past few years I figured it was about time I rolled up my sleeves and actually came up with […]

Thumbnail for How much pee have you drunk?

How much pee have you drunk?

27 Jun 2022 Poll 5

Continuing with my mission to get to know the growing pee-positive community, here is my latest question for you: How much pee have you drunk so far in your life? I know it’s not an easy question to answer, but if it helps I’ve figured out that each mouthful for me is on average around […]

Thumbnail for Busty Redhead

Busty Redhead

6 Jun 2022 Pissplay Approved 2

Time for another Pissplay Approved, where I share my favorite piss drinking clips from around the web. I confess – a big part of why I love this clip so much is that we hear the audio of an episode of Community in the background. One of my favorite shows ever! But it’s not just […]

Thumbnail for May 27th Teaser

May 27th Teaser

24 May 2022 Teaser 8

Coming this friday (May 27, 2022): … a very, very special video! ๐Ÿ˜‰ UPDATE: Yes, it’s our very first collaboration – with Ema Lee! Check it out here: Pee Friends Forever ๐Ÿ’› – Morgan

Thumbnail for Top 5 Public Videos

Top 5 Public Videos

5 May 2022 Top 5 2

Spring is finally here and you know what this means: it’s public sex time! We got the ball rolling last week with Dolly’s Toilet for a Day video, featuring piss drinking in a public parking lot and in a busy store’s dressing room… That sets the bar pretty high for this season! While Bruce and […]

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