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Comments (7)

Dolly, like Morgan, is as hot as a woman can possibly be. She’s wonderful!

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A Member - 24 May 2024

She is so incredible. Would love to see another “toilet for a day” or some sort of a “big quantity” video from her ;) Then again, I understand if you can’t influence her content as much. Still, great variety on the site these days! Thank you for keeping it up! I hope we see some crazy (public) summer adventures from everyone ;) Have a great summer!

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A Member - 22 May 2024

Oh, her Toilet for a Day video was really great 🀩
As for big quantity… I feel like she always drinks so much πŸ’¦

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jun 2024

I love longer videos like this! It may not be the usual length, but that makes it even better

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A Member - 18 May 2024

Especially when it’s filled with non-stop amazing action!

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jun 2024

I love this woman. Covered in spit, piss, sweat, cum, amazing.

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A Member - 17 May 2024

She is pretty hot when messy πŸ˜‹

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jun 2024

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