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Comments (8)

I love it when (at 0:09) you take that big, bouncy, flaccid cock in your mouth without using your hand. So sexy! I bet that first contact feels like heaven to Bruce. In fact, I think it would make a great category all its own – kissing and licking soft cock, up close. I’d pay to see more of that. Also, if I may say so, Bruce’s ballsack looks especially meaty and good in this one!

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deleted - 11 Dec 2018

I’m pretty sure Bruce is the luckiest guy alive

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Hellomoto101 - 7 Jan 2018

day1 of my membership and ive already watched every single video at least twice… Keep the awesome videos coming !! Got a video suggestion.. M pee in 1 shot glas, B pee in an other shot glas, and a third shot glas is a 50-50 M&B pee mix. (rest of pee mixed in a bottle). M tries blindfolded to guess based on taste which pee belongs to whom. If she is correct, the rest of the pee is made into pee flavored ice cream slush, if she fails M takes the bottle to a crowded street and drinks it while walking around :P

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deleted - 30 Aug 2017

Lovely suggestion – thanks!! :)

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Bruce And Morgan - 31 Aug 2017

What a fabulous video! What an amzing couple! I’d love to see more nude shoots, with Bruce’s piss showering Morgan’s delicious nude body!

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deleted - 5 Jun 2017

Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion – we’ll make it happen in a future video :)

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Bruce And Morgan - 6 Jun 2017

This video came out as something special. Cock sucking, cum facial, piss drinking, piss facial, all going down while Morgan is looking so eager and submissive. When she looks into the camera she looks like she is in love..In love with Bruce, in love with the perversions she is experincing, and in love with the viewer as she looks through the screen at us. Yeah, I’m getting addicted to Bruce and Morgan’s videos!

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sandman - 17 May 2017

Yeah we love how this video turned out… really kinky and minimalist. Lots more like this to come!

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Bruce And Morgan - 22 May 2017

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