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Comments (5)

yum, bruce has an incredible body.

butteater - 30 Jan 2019

Can just see Morgan playing with her pussy at the top of the shotwhilst piss drips into her mouth

BismarkJ - 28 Mar 2018

tis is super hot, more asslicking please!

deleted - 28 Nov 2017

Where can I get a woman like you? :D

deleted - 19 Sep 2017

Extremely sexy! Morgan, I’m here with a hard dick, trying to write this AND stroke. Having been in that same place Bruce was enjoying, with a former lover, I know why he shot that big load. And why it took a moment to start pissing again. I appreciated seeing you finger your pussy as he peed. He is a lucky man to have such a pretty face to piss on. I love your eyes, Morgan, and the way you keep looking at the camera. And the way occasionally they get pissed on as well ……….. YOU ARE HOT! What this man likes, a pretty face on a sweet girl! I truly hope in future vids we at least get to see your pretty asshole as well. Maybe you will fine out getting that hole peed on is also very hot. Hotter then you could imagine……
Thank again and I will keep praying for your clone to arrive here.

Wetzman - 16 Sep 2017

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