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Comments (12)

Morgan, when I was a young teen, I used to spy on my sister in the shower. I could see her nude behind the glass shower door but she would always get down on the shower floor with her legs high up on the wall. I never knew what she was doing. Maybe washing her pussy and ass, but now I believe she was practicing drinking her own piss. I used to lay on the bathroom floor and piss over myself and later I aimed my stream into my mouth. But I never thought girls would do this too. I wonder if many girls enjoy self pissing. What a shame I didn’t try to include this in my early sex adventures. But later in life I did find a few women who enjoyed piss play and a couple loved pissing in my mouth so I could drink it. What a nasty pleasure it is!

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Captainwet - 5 May 2023

great view – I like to see here wonderful clit

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condomy - 11 Jun 2019

love that pool of piss at the neck

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deleted - 12 May 2019

Absolutely perfect! So delicious Morgan!!

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Discreteottawalover - 22 Apr 2018

You guys need a nice thin shirt like she’s wearing in this one that’s dark red or gray… it will really make the piss stand out when the first drops hit! And I definitely second the request to see a nice close up of her pisshole while she’s going! So very hot!

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deleted - 18 Nov 2017

Wow! Everything about this video is soooo beautiful!! And it’s great seeing Morgan’s pussy . I would love to see a close-up of her peehole while she’s peeing – so romantic. Thank you both for a wonderful site.

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deleted - 31 Oct 2017

Morgan you are absolutely gorgeous in that position. Love the self pee videos. Can’t wait to see you do more.

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deleted - 5 Aug 2017

Thank you – will definitely be doing more! :)

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Bruce And Morgan - 5 Aug 2017

Just Beautiful! Morgan looks like a work of Art in that pose. The way her shirt turns see through and clings against her sexy body was a nice touch. I would of loved to see Bruce shoot his cum on the floor as Morgan was licking up the piss. I bet she would of had a look of excitement as she licked that up to. Morgan, will we ever see you lick up Bruce’s cum off the floor?

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sandman - 14 May 2017

Licking cum from the floor… what a lovely idea! Of course I would love to do that. :) We’ll be doing it at some point, for sure

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Bruce And Morgan - 15 May 2017

P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-O-N ! !
I like especially the view of morgans erected clitoris and that bruce p*ss onto her pussy.

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undisclosed - 12 May 2017

Thanks! You really notice the details don’t you ;) Selfpee videos are surprisingly hard to make (for girls anyway!) – aiming to the right place is both a science and an art. Although I’m pretty proud of how much I got in my mouth in this one, I bet I can get much more in the future… more to come!

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Bruce And Morgan - 13 May 2017

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