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Comments (13)

Your amazing little Morgan love watching you fuck yourself with objects

PPboy4you - 14 Aug 2020

Very hot Morgan

deleted - 26 Apr 2020

I could “favorite” every video! Pee more & frequently like this, you teach other women!

steelscot - 2 Jul 2019

Very good aim! When I first saw the title I was intrigued and wondered how much was going to make it in the bottle and how much on the ground. I think it all got in the bottle. Would love to see another of these with a more closeup shot of your aim and the piss going from your pussy into the narrow opening. Thanks for being amazing!

nvgjf21hipe - 17 Dec 2018

Great video! Your pussy is a pearl and your urine must have a wonderful taste! Wish I could drink it!

deleted - 16 Aug 2018

Morgan, seeing you fucking yourself with legs spread wide and a smile on your face makes me so horny. I was wondering if you ever assist Bruce so he can piss into his own mouth . Do you aim it for him or splash his own face with his piss?

fountain boy - 28 Feb 2018

Morgan is so crazy .. and also very brave ..

karamamba - 28 Sep 2017

Next time, try a Perrier bottle ;)

undisclosed - 10 Jun 2017

Those are bigger aren’t they… good idea! ;) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 20 Jun 2017

What a magnificent scene! Morgan, I love the way you empty the bottle of strong piss that has been in your pretty pussy down to the last drop…

deleted - 10 Jun 2017

Thank you! :) The video doesn’t show just how public this was. There were other hotel rooms with windows that could see me when I was drinking my own pee. Plus we only found out later that there is also well-hidden security camera pointing in that general direction! Would love to see the security guard’s face when he saw all this… -M

Bruce And Morgan - 10 Jun 2017

Morgan is such a good piss slut! I just loved her expression as she was drinking down the bottle. I loved seeing the pussy rubbing so please more of that in the future. Oh yeah, nice bottle to. It looked like a very expensive drink she was drinking!

sandman - 9 Jun 2017

It’s an Evian bottle. My pussy deserves the best! ;) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 10 Jun 2017

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