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Comments (7)

Oh my god! I just blew one of my biggest loads ever! Morgan your awesome! Your accent, your cute/innocent appearance and master sting was to much. When you were holding back your cum and urges trying to answer the questions so hit you could see how horny you were, Bruce your puss looked really yellow and I loved it cuz that meant it must of been strong for Morgan but she’s a champ she could take it :)

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Smookiekart - 14 Apr 2019

Once again you did an amazing video. I love to see how difficult it is for you to keep on the edge, not to come too quickly, this is so hot ! One little thing, though: I love it that you shave, but it would look better to be freshly shaved, not a hair in sight. You have the most beautiful pussy, long lips, lovely clitoris, great color. You could do a video where Bruce shaves you after a few days of regrowth, and then he rinses you clean with piss.

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deleted - 3 Sep 2018

Actually I don’t shave, I wax! It’s not possible to wax every few days, you need to wait a few weeks until the hair grows back or it won’t work. But glad you like my lips & clitoris :) -Morgan xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 4 Sep 2018

Great vid! You guys keep getting them hotter and hotter. Question: Why not anal play? Your asshole is so pretty Morgan, As pretty as all of your body is, your asshole may be the prettiest part. It is so submissive having it played with and exposed. With fingers, toys or a cock. Just spread wide open for us all to see is hot and so submissive…… It does take some practice to let it open. Bet I’m not the only one who thinks your asshole is beautiful.

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Wetzman - 2 Sep 2018

Although anal play is not completely out of the question for the future, it’s just not something we’re into at the moment. We try to follow our hearts and libidos as much as possible when thinking about what videos to make, to make sure this doesn’t get boring but stays fun and exciting for us. Having said that we could definitely show my asshole a lot more in future videos if you think it’s that pretty! :) – Morgan xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 4 Sep 2018

Good video.
I think that Part II should see a few changes though.
I’d like to see Bruce in charge of the vibrator, and Morgan restrained.
The more complete and forthcoming the answer, the more the reward with the vibrator.
That right there would work for me! :)

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Eagle357 - 31 Aug 2018

Not a bad idea :) Thanks for the suggestion!

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Bruce And Morgan - 1 Sep 2018

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