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We are
Bruce & Morgan

a real-life couple with a dirty secret... We do porn! Piss porn, in fact. Hi Mom! ‍👋

Pee play is too often seen as taboo or wrong, but in fact it can be a wonderful way to share intimacy and pleasure with a partner (or by yourself!)

Sure, it's super kinky - that's what makes it fun! Check out our trailer and join us as we and our friends explore the wilder side of sex.  

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Thumbnail for Casey & Lydia Black
Casey & Lydia Black
Thumbnail for Facefucked to the beat
Facefucked to the beat
Thumbnail for The Pink Room
The Pink Room
Thumbnail for Where the Sun Don’t Shine
Where the Sun Don’t Shine
Thumbnail for Kinky Straws
Kinky Straws
Thumbnail for A Show for the Neighbours
A Show for the Neighbours
Thumbnail for Casey & Friends
Casey & Friends
Thumbnail for Morgan’s Evening Routine
Morgan’s Evening Routine
Thumbnail for Drinking Strangers’ Piss
Drinking Strangers’ Piss
Thumbnail for Toilet for a Day – Glass Horn
Toilet for a Day – Glass Horn
Thumbnail for The Hitchhiker
The Hitchhiker
Thumbnail for My Deepthroat Progress
My Deepthroat Progress
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Thumbnail for Toilet for a Day #4
Toilet for a Day #4
69 photos
Thumbnail for Alexandra’s Wet T-Shirt
Alexandra’s Wet T-Shirt
48 photos
Thumbnail for Dear Diary
Dear Diary
47 photos
Thumbnail for Anal Afternoon
Anal Afternoon
70 photos
Thumbnail for Morgan Peeing Everywhere
Morgan Peeing Everywhere
50 photos
Thumbnail for The Best Girlfriend in the World?
The Best Girlfriend in the World?
46 photos
Thumbnail for Introducing Ema Lee
Introducing Ema Lee
65 photos
Thumbnail for Time Stop!
Time Stop!
28 photos
Thumbnail for Alexandra’s Bowl
Alexandra’s Bowl
44 photos
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Latest Blog Posts

Thumbnail for Which Piss Skill to Practice? (Poll)

Which Piss Skill to Practice? (Poll)

24 Feb 2024 Poll 18

I would love to look back at 2024 in a few years and think: “that’s the year where I finally learned to do X (or got really good at X)”. But, dear reader… what is X??? The way I see it, there are 4 possibilities: A) Drinking piss without closing my mouthPee goes in, mouth […]

Thumbnail for Piss Drinking Debuts

Piss Drinking Debuts

28 Jan 2024 Piss Drinking Debuts Pissplay Approved 14

Remember my Piss Drinking Pioneers series, about the pee-loving pornstars that have come before me and that I look up to? Well this is the same thing, but in reverse! I’m calling it Piss Drinking Debuts, and it’s about celebrating the next generation of young women who – thirsty for new experiences – are just […]

Thumbnail for Top 10 Videos of 2023

Top 10 Videos of 2023

5 Jan 2024 Top Content 8

Time to look back at the year that was 2023 and think: how the hell did we cram so many perversions into only 365 days? 😜 But first, some numbers: in 2023 we published 47 videos (11.9 hours of content – a new record!), 51 photosets, 6 blog posts and introduced 4 new guest performers […]

Thumbnail for Viktoria Ad (Translated)

Viktoria Ad (Translated)

24 Nov 2023 Behind the Scenes 6

I think you know by now that I’m a big fan of some GGG movies & actresses (check out my Annette Schwarz & Viktoria Goo posts!) – yet I feel like the language barrier is preventing me from enjoying them even more. Case in point: the video below, which I guess is some kind of […]

Thumbnail for Even More Pee! Deals, other sites etc.

Even More Pee! Deals, other sites etc.

13 Oct 2023 News

We’re not the only game in town when it comes to piss porn, far from it! Sure, we bring our own flair to the genre – but variety is the spice of life, ain’t it? If you’re craving something different today why not check out one of the links below – chances are they’ll hook […]

Thumbnail for Girls on Porn: Watersports

Girls on Porn: Watersports

11 Sep 2023 News 2

Ever heard of Girls on Porn? It’s a podcast where Rachel and Laura explore different facets/fetishes of porn (one per episode: Vintage, Fisting, Pregnant etc), unhearting interesting facts and history for each. In the second half of the show they usually watch a couple of on-topic porn scenes and give their impressions, sharing a healthy […]

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