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a real-life couple with a dirty secret... We do porn! Piss porn, in fact. Hi Mom! β€πŸ‘‹

Pee play is too often seen as taboo or wrong, but in fact it can be a wonderful way to share intimacy and pleasure with a partner (or by yourself!)

Sure, it's super kinky - that's what makes it fun! Check out our trailer βž‘β¬‡ and join us as we and our friends explore the wilder side of sex

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Latest Blog Posts

May 27th Teaser

24 May 2022 Teaser 8

Coming this friday (May 27, 2022): … a very, very special video! πŸ˜‰

Top 5 Public Videos

5 May 2022 Top 5 2

Spring is finally here and you know what this means: it’s public sex time! We got the ball rolling last week with Dolly’s Toilet for a Day video, featuring piss drinking in a public parking lot and in a busy store’s dressing room… That sets the bar pretty high for this season! While Bruce and […]

Giving or Receiving?

8 Apr 2022 Poll 8

When it comes to pee play what do you prefer – Giving or Receiving? Or both? We’ve done this poll before but it was for members only – now we want to hear from everybody, yourself included! Although 90% of our pee play is Bruce giving and me receiving, we like to switch it up sometimes. It’s intimate […]

Piss Olympics

26 Mar 2022 Behind the Scenes 4

My friends, I have a secret to share with you: Bruce and I don’t actually publish every single video we shoot 🀯 Far from it, in fact! Sometimes a technical problem ruins the footage (bad focus, flickering), or the concept we had in mind was too ambitious or more funny than hot… today I’d like […]

Tongue in Cheek

26 Feb 2022 Fan Art 3

A few months ago the awesome VG Animated asked me permission to do a tribute of sorts based on our videos. I accepted immediately – who doesn’t want to see themselves as a 3D character? Fast forward to yesterday when he published his creation online and all I can say is WOWOWOW πŸ”₯ I got […]

A Mouthful of Sunshine

18 Jan 2022 Pissplay Approved 4

Remember our Pissplay Approved series, where I share some of the best pee clips found on tube sites over the years? Boy have I got a little jewel for you today πŸ’Ž Sadly I don’t have much information about this video so if you know who or where this is from, let me know! I’d […]

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