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We are
Bruce & Morgan

a real-life couple with a dirty secret... We do porn! Piss porn, in fact. Hi Mom! ‍👋

Pee play is too often seen as taboo or wrong, but in fact it can be a wonderful way to share intimacy and pleasure with a partner (or by yourself!)

Sure, it's super kinky - that's what makes it fun! Check out our trailer and join us as we and our friends explore the wilder side of sex.  

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Katy’s Piss Vacation
Thumbnail for Morgan’s Orgasm Compilation
Morgan’s Orgasm Compilation
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Lemonade Dispenser
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Tutored by Stepdad
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Piss Orgy on the Balcony
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Pee Jello
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Toilet for a Day with April BigAss
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Selfpee Shenanigans
Thumbnail for Fingerin’ Ass
Fingerin’ Ass
Thumbnail for Pee Recycling
Pee Recycling
Thumbnail for Ass to Mouth for Ema Lee
Ass to Mouth for Ema Lee
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Thumbnail for Suck & Selfpee
Suck & Selfpee
53 photos
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Christmas Reunion
31 photos
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Laundry Day
37 photos
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Pissy Noodles
19 photos
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Alexandra’s First Piss Play
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Dripping Wet
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Piss Kiss
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Through My Eyes #2
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What I Love About Piss & Cum
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Latest Blog Posts

Thumbnail for Girls on Porn: Watersports

Girls on Porn: Watersports

11 Sep 2023 News

Ever heard of Girls on Porn? It’s a podcast where Rachel and Laura explore different facets/fetishes of porn (one per episode: Vintage, Fisting, Pregnant etc), unhearting interesting facts and history for each. In the second half of the show they usually watch a couple of on-topic porn scenes and give their impressions, sharing a healthy […]

Thumbnail for Vox Peepuli: What Would You Like to See ? (Poll)

Vox Peepuli: What Would You Like to See ? (Poll)

23 May 2023 Poll 39

One of our members made me realize the other day that almost 50% of you answered "I like to get peed on" in last year's Giving or Receiving Poll, and yet we don't have many girl peeing on guy videos on here (aside from the occasional Bruce Drinks scene). That got ...

Thumbnail for Is Degradation Enjoyable?

Is Degradation Enjoyable?

21 Apr 2023 Behind the Scenes 10

It's no secret that there are many people who get off on being degraded - myself included. But what is it about getting called a whore or being forced to lick piss from the floor that gets me all hot and bothered? Do I hate myself? Am I broken in some way?

Thumbnail for Piss Sucking

Piss Sucking

4 Mar 2023 Pissplay Approved 15

Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like to be a man. Big appendage hanging between my legs, reaching plates from the top shelf like it’s nothing… Toilet too far away? I snap my fingers and my well-trained girlfriend magically appears, mouth ready to suck every drop of pee out of me! No […]

Thumbnail for Top 10 Videos of 2022

Top 10 Videos of 2022

25 Jan 2023 Top Content

With 2022 now firmly behind us it’s time to look back and think: which videos really pushed the Golden Shower genre to new heights last year? Which ones are we the most proud of? Bruce and I love every scene we put out like it’s our own kid, so choosing between them is no easy […]

Thumbnail for Piss Drinking 101: Intro to Toilethood

Piss Drinking 101: Intro to Toilethood

10 Dec 2022 9

I made this little trailer / porn music video thingy for tube sites. Don’t let my humble tone fool you though, this took for-e-ver to make and I’m super proud of it! 🤟😝🤟 It’s from our first 30 videos or so, all those years ago (with a few newer vids thrown in to mess with […]

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