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Bruce and Morgan,

a real-life couple with a kinky sex life! We’re way more hardcore and taboo than your average amateur porn, yet we do it all with a smile because we love this stuff - and each other! Sex is a big playground for us and we’re taking you along for the ride.

Our favorites include: piss drinking, degradation / humiliation, golden showers, rough sex, big facials (sometimes in public!), ass licking, cum play and so much more...

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Latest Blog Posts

How to Make Her Love Pee

7 Jul 2021 Q&A

Morgan, how can I get my partner to love piss as much as you do? Everybody I get this question all the time! Let me start by saying that of course you cannot force someone to like something – the best you can do is to gently introduce the concept of pee play like Bruce […]

May 7th Teaser

5 May 2021 Teaser 5

Brand new performers coming up this friday right here on pissplay.com πŸ€ŸπŸ˜„πŸ€Ÿ Any idea who it is?

Apr 16 Teaser

14 Apr 2021 Teaser

As big fans of GGG movies, Bruce and I have often fantasized about having sex while I’m covered in cum. A very hot but technically challenging idea (I’m not on the pill) so we left the fantasy in our imaginary world… Until today! That’s right – it’s me getting pounded with a genenous layer of […]

Apr 9 Teaser

8 Apr 2021 Teaser

Coming tomorrow: the red-hot Mya & Anthony take our Toilet for a Day concept and make it their own! A *whole lot* of piss drinking ensues πŸ’¦πŸ˜² Long-time fans know that this series is one of our most intense and a crowd favorite, so it’ a joy to see our friends make their own version […]

Mar 27th Teaser

26 Mar 2021 Teaser 4

Wanna see me choke myself pretty hard on a dog leash as I desperately try to suck Bruce’s cock? Well it’s coming tomorrow in a brand new very dirty video that includes: cum licking from the floor, verbal degradation (including light inc3st play!), piss licking from the toilet seat and much more! Here’s a preview: […]

Look Ma, No Cuts!

17 Jan 2021 Behind the Scenes Uncut 7

Did you like our new video Look Ma, No Hands? We’re doing something special with this one: giving you access to the raw, uncut footage from each camera angle so you can choose whatever you like best! It’s a request we’ve gotten several times and with this new website we can finally do it 😊 […]

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