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Comments (12)

It’s an incredible turn-on to watch you and hear you talk dirty while orgasming. I’d love to see more of that.

abashed937 - 9 Jul 2021

Oh we’ll do it again for sure, seeing how popular this one is. It took me by surprise actually, didn’t know people would like hearing me say those nasty things so much…

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Jul 2021

Wow, thanks for replying. For me, it does not have to be nasty. Just the act of talking, struggling to get the words out due to the pleasure, while you appear to want to convey information…. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the loss of control, or maybe it’s the mixing of unexpected activities (conversation and orgasm) that I find to be a turn-on. Thank you for the wonderful videos!

abashed937 - 11 Jul 2021

i love this youre a good nasty pisswhore

Andre - 6 Jun 2021

Nice, I wanna see him resting his balls on top of you while he pisses into a cup, maybe you suck his balls too while he pisses?

plisstease45 - 13 Apr 2021

Truly incredible. I came so hard to this. Love it when you talk about your parents and you talk dirty.

dsmithseventy1 - 9 Apr 2021

Riding a bottle filled with piss has to be an instant classic.

Reacher - 7 Apr 2021

It is for me! We even have the tag bottle!!! ๐Ÿ˜

Bruce and Morgan - 7 Apr 2021

A very nice piss whore

DrownHerInCum - 4 Apr 2021

Sooo hot. I really would like to see more than one guy pissing on you at the same time!!! Just dreaming…

arthur9293 - 4 Apr 2021

So fucking hot!!

tbo711 - 2 Apr 2021

nice picture for the video

Xin_Ho - 2 Apr 2021