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Comments (10)

the perfect girlfriend

hu3hu3coyot1 - 17 Dec 2022

I try to be 🤗

Bruce and Morgan - 27 Dec 2022

Discovered you on Twitter yesterday and spent all night going through your teasers and now, just a few hours later, I’m a member and watched the celebration of Degradation Day as my first video! Really excited to explore everything else (but I have to make sure I pace myself)

dmaxxx9415 - 28 Jan 2022

Welcome to our site! So happy you like our previews, I work hard on those 👩‍💻

Oh yes, this is a good vid… we’ll be doing more for sure!

Bruce and Morgan - 28 Jan 2022

The hard work really shows! Hope future degradation videos continue to speak to your home audience! Letting them know what you’re up to and what you want them to do really enhances the fun!

dmaxxx9415 - 28 Jan 2022

This was the first video I saw as a member. Just love it. Would be great to see more roleplay like this. Thumbs up!

HenryE - 20 Apr 2021

Inc3st play is awesome!

nepherias - 3 Apr 2021

more like this! you two are over the top!

tbo711 - 2 Apr 2021

love this vid. I want more dirty talk directed at your dad. how bad you want his cock, how much you want to taste his cum. so hot

pisslover24 - 29 Mar 2021

thank you. I like inc3st play.

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 27 Mar 2021