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Comments (10)

You had me at ‘are you ready’, Morgan! What a sexy vid! More please! You found a mask for Bruce?…seriously…Batman mask?!! hahahaha!

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blondemoment - 24 Jun 2020

Very Nice thank you. Did you ever feed him with his cum ?

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Greg - 22 Sep 2019

Sure we’ve done that a few times before. Maybe we’ll make a video out of it someday! -M xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 23 Sep 2019

amazing video with the wonderfull great and big Clit – pls more of that thanks

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condomy - 8 Jun 2019

Morgan I would have love to see close up of your vulva before you offer it to Bruce to lick, if your vulva was creamy from a day of activity the better.

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Uncle Vince - 29 Apr 2019

Please do more of this !! It’s so hot, who doesn’t love femdom lol. You guys are so awesome I stopped watching mainstream porn for you guys. I have a fetish for femdom aha please do more pissing and making Bruce your bitch sexy Morgan so fucken hot !!

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Smookiekart - 12 Apr 2019

You have a gorgeous body and pussy. Would love to see you piss on him or his body again. Seeing a couple like you having this exoting sex makes me feel normal with my fetish! Thank you!

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Showerlover78 - 11 Oct 2018

That;s great that we have this effect on you – it was one of our goals when starting this site! :) And yes, we’ll be doing this again in the near future -M xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 12 Oct 2018

What a fantastic pussy Morgan, and you pee like a Queen !!! Sure Bruce is a very lucky man. Wet Kisses

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deleted - 24 Aug 2018

Morgan you have the nicest of all pussies! It must smell wonderful. Great video, though it looks as though Bruce can’t see much in his mask hahaha!

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deleted - 24 Aug 2018

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