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Comments (9)

I love watching Bruce lick your beautiful cunt then open wide to swallow your golden nectar. Does he enjoy swallowing your piss as much as you enjoy his golden offering when he’s pissing directly into your welcoming mouth and throat?

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A Member - 4 Jun 2023

Oh yes Bruce absolutely enjoys it, although his favorite thing is peeing in my mouth and it’s also mine so we’re a match made in heaven 😇

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Bruce and Morgan - 6 Jun 2023

So HOT!!! I LOVED the kissing after!!

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A Member - 27 Jan 2023

Wow, Bruce is a very lucky man! Beautiful video :)

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A Member - 27 Oct 2022

omg what a hot video, really love it, indeed imagining myself drinking your pee out of your deliciously shaved pussy, thanks for sharing. I wonder if a girl can wihstand such a treatment and do anything but just pee. I am trying to persuade my girlfriend to let go when I eat her pussy. I guess I will have to do it when her urge of peeing is greatest. Appreciate any hints, Morgan.

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A Member - 9 Aug 2022

It’s not always easy to pee while being stimulated (ex: while you eat her pussy) – even just peeing on someone can be slow and difficult at first. You have to undo years of conditioning… go slow, relax and have fun together, I find this is what works best 😊

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Bruce and Morgan - 12 Aug 2022

Morgan you be a nice girl

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A Member - 18 May 2022

Bruce is a lucky guy!

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A Member - 28 Mar 2020

Nice change of pace via the GpPro camera. Especially liked the kiss at the end, followed by Morgan licking off the cum she got on Bruce’s lips when they kissed. Nice, spontaneous touch.

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A Member - 18 Apr 2020

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