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Comments (11)

I was hoping to see Bruce pee in his own mouth in Crossing Streams. Nasty. I drink own and hope to find a willing partner to share with.

Just joined after watching all your vids over the last couple years. I especially enjoy the rimming. More, please.

Also happy to see you both sharing with other folks.

Get nasty(ier) together.

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Ralph21 - 5 Jun 2023

You really should do more videos like this, Morgan! I nearly died when you straddled Bruce with knees bent and let it go. The 69 scene later was also pretty awesome. Love the short but powerful urine spurts!

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blondemoment - 24 Jun 2020

Yes, a very cute little butt hole. Maybe bruce can find some way to pee up that butt hole and then Morgan can expel the pee.

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deleted - 2 Mar 2020

You guys are the symbol of sexual compatibility! So jealous and happy at the same time :)

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pisscum76 - 5 Feb 2020

Wow, this must be one of the best videos ever! And every guy must be seriously jealous of Bruce!!

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deleted - 27 Sep 2019

Extremely hot u guys make awesome content, I love seeing the dominant side with Morgan being peed on but seeing Bruce get peed on is just as hot!

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Smookiekart - 12 Apr 2019

wow ! you’ree my favorite couple of all time! I Me and my girl are so into piss play and we wath your videos all the time to get horny! Thumbs up…we love you :-)

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deleted - 5 Jan 2019

That’s so cool! We’ll think of you and your girlfriend next time we start shooting :) -Morgan xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 7 Jan 2019

wow this is hot. Ive been peed on by a girl before but never have I drank her pee. Does it taste different than guy pee?

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deleted - 13 Dec 2018

No, it’s all the same really. You should give it a try ;) -M xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 14 Dec 2018

Such beautiful, shapely legs on Morgan! And the way her butthole puckers while she’s peeing (in 69) during the second half of this – looks so good!

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deleted - 11 Dec 2018

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