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Comments (15)

Your so funny about the disclaimer, “only bruce can call me a (fn p** wh***) when its really jealousy and spite, because people can only dream of being in such an AMAZING relationship as u and Bruce.. you both are living ur best life! ❀️

Drk0517 - 18 Aug 2022

Yeah even though 95% of our fans understand that this is all roleplay in the context of a loving relationship, there are a few who think I actually enjoy being called horrible things by strangers on the internet πŸ™„ Hence the disclaimer. Thanks for your kind words, we are living our best life and loving it! πŸ₯° It’s fun to bring you guys along with us on that journey

Bruce and Morgan - 19 Aug 2022

Absolutely amazing! I love it that Bruce has begun to shave. His dick is much more beautiful. Isn’t it great to lick smooth balls ?
What you do with the bread was actually a well known practice in French public toilets where men used bread in the same manner in the clogged urinals. They were called “soupeurs” . You do it in such a kinky and tender way!

Eddy1964 - 15 Aug 2022

I did not know that about the french public toilets! Whoa, even for me that sounds extreme πŸ˜… And yeah Bruce has been shaving for a while but to different lengths depending on his mood. He went pretty short lately. I do like to lick smooth balls… but I don’t mind hair at all to be honest. I’m an “all terrain” sort of gal πŸš™

Bruce and Morgan - 19 Aug 2022

Loved it when you talked dirty about your parents πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ

x9oo1 - 14 Aug 2022

Absolutely amazing video

dsmithseventy1 - 13 Aug 2022


Bruce and Morgan - 13 Aug 2022

Love it when you talk about your mom and dad

dsmithseventy1 - 13 Aug 2022

Was hard to talk to them with recognizable syllables while my throat was under siege from Bruce’s manhood πŸ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Aug 2022

Oh boy. You two are off the chain. That was like five videos in one β€” the first person to reply β€˜you should have x’ to this vid needs to have his membership revoked. The blowjob looked like it felt amazing, and that extended wink was the icing on the cake (so to speak). Your uploads have been so great for a while I think we’re in the midst of a Bruce and Morgan urine-aissance. And I’ll wager Morgan will enjoy this vid herself more than once down the road.

Audysseus - 13 Aug 2022

Wow thanks!!! πŸ₯° Gotta say I love your positivity, I think sometimes Bruce and I lose sight of which of our video will be popular and which will be niche… it’s comments like these that give us the boost to keep going, to infinity and beyond! πŸš€

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Aug 2022

Absolutely incredible – the more you two say the harder I get

dsmithseventy1 - 13 Aug 2022

We sure had a lot to say in this one πŸ˜„

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Aug 2022

I love it when you guys to the call an response over the top dirty talk that always drives me over the edge

blackmm - 13 Aug 2022

Yeah “over the top” sounds about right πŸ˜… Damn that was dirty… guess we were both super horny! Glad you liked it πŸ€—

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Aug 2022