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Comments (7)

here is a recipe for you from Germany. It’s spaghetti with a tasty mushroom sauce. We all want to see Morgan standing naked and hungry at the stove and longing for your meal while cooking.

The recipe:
Boil ½ liter = 0.88 pint of Morgan urine and ½ liter = 0.88 pint of Bruce urine together
Cook 150 grams = 5.29 ounces of spaghetti in the urine for 8 minutes until al dente

The mushroom sauce is harder to make:
Ingredients for 1 serving
½ onion
125 grams = 5.29 ounce of mushrooms
1.5 tablespoons of flour
0.150 liters = 0.32 pint of milk
Salt and Pepper
Paprika powder
For the mushroom sauce, first clean the mushrooms and cut them in half
Peel onions and cut them into fine pieces
Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté the onion until translucent
Add the mushrooms and fry briefly
Dust with flour and deglaze with the milk = urine.
Season with salt, pepper and paprika powder and reduce the sauce to the desired consistency
In the meantime, wash, drain and finely chop the parsley
Mix in the sauce before serving

Chocolate pudding with Bruce’s cum

Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

TheRealHangman - 12 Sep 2020

Best video ever !!!!

deleted - 4 Jan 2019

This is a total satisfaction and release. The best parts are where we can see her breasts covered with pee as she eats and drinks. Thanks!!

harcos - 26 Nov 2018

it’s amazing your best video ever!!!

deleted - 8 Sep 2018

I would love to be your toilet …. being the subject of what you both give… so hot 😉 keep it up

deleted - 21 Aug 2018

You can try pantyhose piss

fk19911215 - 17 Aug 2018

Amazing video!!! It is so super hot to see you talk casually about urin and sperm and eat it all. You are so incredibly lovely !

deleted - 17 Aug 2018