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Comments (8)

Awesome. Love to see more

infamous477 - 2 Jan 2023

I love this one

SammArr - 29 Oct 2021

you are crazy,but i love your video

Pigglet - 17 Oct 2020

So hot and exciting. Great !!! You are incredible Morgan XXX

desTenyB5908 - 8 May 2020

Hey morgan…you are great and so sexy…now that you got the cake and champagne wouldn’t it be great to invite some people and palyimg with more guys…cant that turn bruce on? Xxx

Jaybee - 5 May 2020

I remember Annette doing something like this on her site (totallyannette) even she said that it was gross! You are amazing Morgan.

FLYINGSHIPS - 1 May 2020

This is so hot i love it

deleted - 1 May 2020

I loved it. One step closer to just taking his whole cum load into your mouth, gargling it a bit and then swallow the cum, followed by a full bladder of Bruce’s pee. Like desert first.

KKIDDO - 1 May 2020