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Comments (10)

What would I do?? Prob what any other person watching this would do…get bruces permission to shoot my piss down morgans throat. 😀❤️😀

Drk0517 - 3 Sep 2022

That’s pretty hot 😅

Bruce and Morgan - 4 Sep 2022

Hot video Morgan you was not afraid someone was coming in?

Andre - 10 Jan 2021

Yes we were both super nervous! This was in a beach resort in sourth-east asia, at a bathroom that not many people used so we took a chance… someone came in not long after we were done, so I guess we just got *very* lucky! Can you imagine if someone came in and saw me sitting on the floor like that, getting covered in piss… 😲

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jan 2021

I love to see Morgan pissed on in any way, so hot!! But I really love her clothes getting wet and see through, please give me more of this, please! Thank you both so much for shareing!!!!

starsmman5150 - 4 May 2018

congratulation, but I will like a cum to finish next time, it will be wonderful. thanks for this video

deleted - 9 Aug 2017

This is another hot and perverted scenario. Morgan looked so adorable nestled between the two urinals. She looked sooo excited being there. Bruce and Morgan, please do another scene like this but next time please handcuff, or tie, Morgan’s hands to the piping on the two urinals beside her. Also, is it appropriate for a urinal to be clothed? Imagine a naked Morgan, her arms spread out and hands tied to the piping with her body exposed . Yes, I think she would like it☺ I’m sure Bruce would!

sandman - 16 May 2017

Lovely suggestion! Not so easy to do in public bathrooms, but we’ll try to make it work!

Bruce And Morgan - 22 May 2017

she’s so happy to be an urinal. I love it.

undisclosed - 1 May 2017

I was so happy! Does it show?
It’s so hot to be treated like that in such a public place…

Bruce And Morgan - 13 May 2017