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Comments (5)

Morgan youre a perfecct human toilet

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Andre - 15 Jan 2021

I don’t usually like toilet peeing – it seems a waste of good piss, not what toilets are for ! (lol) But it’s wonderful to see Bruce peeing on Morgan’s beautiful tits – I would love to see more of that. It’s another beautiful video – thank you.

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deleted - 31 Oct 2017

A big turn-on for me! As always.

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hanfdidanfti - 15 Jun 2017

I do like how things are switched up here and there in the videos. We had great visuals throughout the video. Licking the toilet, pissing over the body and face, swallowing piss, cum squirts on Morgan’s face and on the glass, watching Morgan lick the cum from the glass, Morgan looking at herself in the mirror and eating cum. Good stuff all the way. Looking at the comment from godisnothtere about cumming before you piss in the funnel is something I hope you don’t do. I really love to see the cum shoot into the piss and see it coagulate and float around before Morgan’s swallow. That is an awesome visual! You can’t please everybody but it goes to show that your fans will like different things. Just please keep putting out content and there will be stuff for everybody to enjoy!

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sandman - 15 Jun 2017

sorry to say, I personally thought too much fluid was waisted. And Bruce you got to drink some water or beer before hand. when your pee is so strong that she gags a little its not a turn on, I want to see her drink it and enjoy it. you should do another piss and cum funnel where you cum before you pee. anyways I still love you guys, just cant wait to see some stuff like the stuff you had before.

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godisnothere - 14 Jun 2017

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