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Comments (10)

Tell April to do a video like this :)

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A Member - 21 Aug 2023

OMG this is the first video that got me interested in your content… thank you for uploading the full vid to Phub 😅 so Fucking hot 👏🏼

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A Member - 5 Feb 2023

what an achievement Morgan , very good how much piss you can take in your mouth and drink , you are so beautiful love so much to see you xxx

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A Member - 10 Jan 2021

I just love how Morgan patiently waited with a mouthful of piss till Bruce shot his cum over her face and in her piss filled mouth.

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A Member - 14 May 2017

What can I say… I do what I’m told!

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Bruce And Morgan - 14 May 2017

hoping for more topless videos in the future with similar format, dont like the T shirt always being in the way:)

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A Member - 10 Jun 2017

Thanks for the suggestion! We love that video too – it’s one of our favorite. And yeah, I’ll make Morgan lift up her top next time

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Bruce And Morgan - 10 Jun 2017

If I was a woman I would be soaking wet right now….. ;)

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A Member - 14 Sep 2018

did not disappoint. She’s the cutest nasty girl i’ve ever seen.

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A Member - 12 May 2019

This is just perfect , very good Morgan do what Bruce wants you to do , very submissive and very nice pissing and love the cum on your face and in your mouth

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A Member - 24 Apr 2020

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