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Comments (7)

Wow you are one hot woman Morgan

Budgie boy - 5 Dec 2018

amazing vid! i love you two. got so many questions, i’ll try to send them to you. Thx for the lovely vids.

undisclosed - 4 Jun 2017

Yes please send those questions our way, we love to answer them! -M

Bruce And Morgan - 5 Jun 2017

love this clip! great job! so hot!

godisnothere - 4 Jun 2017

Thanks! Hope to find another glass table soon :) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 5 Jun 2017

Oh My God! This is so fucking amazing! It’s so intimate seeing Morgan lick the piss, cum, and spit up from the underside of the glass table. Beautiful visuals! Bruce, that was a good idea to have Morgan drink that big bowl of piss with no hands. It was so erotic seeing her just dip her face right into the bowl and lap and slurp it empty. Morgan, did you like how Bruce’s cum spread out over the wet glass? The look on your face made me think you saw it as beautiful Art! Thank you! Please do that again…Encore!

sandman - 4 Jun 2017

It was very beautiful! But I must confess I was also a tiny bit disappointed: I tried to get some on my face as well but I was a bit too far… next time I’ll make sure I come closer! ;) -M

Bruce And Morgan - 5 Jun 2017