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Comments (9)

pure love in her eyes

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portroyal - 14 Jul 2022

You ‘re definitely Hollywood material, Morgan! That’s so funny. Bless your heart

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blondemoment - 24 Jun 2020

This is amazing

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deleted - 4 May 2020

Hi there. What kind of camera are you using by the way? For photography I have a D500

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Dizkoveri - 24 Dec 2019

Our main shooter is a Sony a6400 with a 10-18mm (amazing lens!!). We occasionaly still use our old a6000 for secondary angles, and we’ve just started playing with our brand new GoPro Hero 8 (like in “Sex on the Beach” and “Through My Eyes”). Loving it so far

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Bruce And Morgan - 24 Dec 2019

Mmmmm, lovely to see you both peeing at the same time – very romantic. And especial thanks for making sure we can see Morgan’s peehole .

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deleted - 27 Sep 2019

Oh. My. God.

This is the first video i’ve watched since buying a membership and good lord. This is possibly one of the best kink videos i’ve seen. Please god, if you enjoyed this, do some more of these!

Amazing !!

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deleted - 26 Aug 2019

Wow thanks!! Oh yes this was super fun to shoot actually, we’ll absolutely do it again at some point :) -Morgan xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 27 Aug 2019

Wow!! I love this video! You are doing a great job Morgan :-P and Bruce I love it when you spit in her face its … perfect :)

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deleted - 19 Jul 2019

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