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Comments (22)

Love to see a vid where you and bruce fill a large spray bottle of piss, lays you down on the bed props your butt on a couple of pillows and fucks you missionary while continuing to mist your face and mouth with the piss..HOT!!!

Drk0517 - 2 Nov 2022

Awesome. Next time just put a space heater in the bathroom the day before the shoot. If you can get the room up to 32degC then the piss will be that temperature too. Would love to see a 7 or 14 day quantity.

rjfusecredit123 - 14 Oct 2022

Yeah we had the heated floor going so the whole bathroom was at like 28 C but it still felt coooold! πŸ₯Ά It added an extra layer of submission though so I can’t complain too much… that’s kinda my thing ;)

Bruce and Morgan - 20 Oct 2022

Whaoo, such an amazing video ! I have been dreaming of that for a long time !! What a pee lover ! :) Everything is hot, one of my favorite moments beeing at the very end, when you start to wash yourself gently (so hot !!) and when you say you don’t want to leave. I wish you had stayed ! :))

ecj - 12 Oct 2022

Yeah I really liked pouring pee on my self too – next time I’ll wash myself with it for longer πŸ˜‹

Bruce and Morgan - 20 Oct 2022

Wow, that was so hot!!! I got super turned on just watching the two of you fill all those glass containers with pee! Fantastic

wsfan - 11 Oct 2022

Cheers! 🍻

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Oct 2022

Superbe réalisation et tellement excitante ❀️❀️

Timale - 10 Oct 2022

Maybe next time half fill the bath with hot water before adding all that so you can luxuriate in a warm, deep pee bath? Great work though and I loved the Hi Dad near the end, so degrading!

Hose me down - 10 Oct 2022

We thought about partly filling the bathtub with hot water but then it would dilute the pee, which we judged to be unacceptable… I guess we’re golden shower purists! πŸ˜‚ And yeah saying a few words to my dad seems like it’s part of the mix quite often these days… I’m warming up to it!

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Oct 2022

Wow! Your best video so far. Morgan you look specially astonishing in this one. Can’t wait to see you 2 breaking this record.

Naiboc - 10 Oct 2022

Can’t wait to try and break it! πŸ’ͺ

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Oct 2022

Well, that was fucking hot!

hmeier - 9 Oct 2022

Thanks! πŸ₯°

Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022

Morgan, you continue to amaze and delight!! You’re like a tiny beautiful superhero. Who could watch this and not love you?? Very strong of you to tolerate the cold! Completely awesome. But … what’s this about #2??

SammArr - 9 Oct 2022

A tiny, pee-positive superhero… I like that! πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Oh and it’s #2 because we shot a Piss Bath #1 video a while back – check it out ;)

Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022

Like putting them in old plastic bottles first of course haha xD

Xin_Ho - 8 Oct 2022

You could always use an inflattable pool with warm water to get the old piss nice and warm xD

Xin_Ho - 8 Oct 2022

I guess we *could* have… but that seems like a lot of work. Although after spending 3 days filming an elaborate piss filling timelapse I guess having a little piss warming setup on the side isn’t that bad πŸ˜‚

Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022

Been waiting for a video like this since signing up xD great video and looking forward to the next piss bath video

Xin_Ho - 8 Oct 2022

Me too… but it’ll have to be in the summer so I don’t freeze to death! πŸ₯Ά

Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022


Timale - 10 Oct 2022