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Comments (14)

This video was AMAZING! The pee was such a beautiful yellow, and you drank it so sexily, I am just in awe. It was really hot hearing you compare the experience to ones with other boyfriends. And Bruce contributed a LOT of cum to the piss and cum cocktail! Loved it

wsfan - 16 Jul 2022

Glad you liked it! πŸ˜‡ It’s funny you’re saying that, Bruce was actually disappointed he didn’t cum more… guess he wanted to show them how much better he was πŸ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 17 Jul 2022

So exciting ! I get so hard looking at you drinking his strong urine ! Love it like you tease your exes, they must be envious ! Bruce should also do one with the same idea. “Look, *****, look how lovely and sexy Morgan is! “

Eddy1964 - 10 Jul 2022

You mean Bruce should talk to his ex girlfriends? I’m actually way more jealous than he his… not sure how I’d react 😬

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jul 2022

No, he would show his exes how much you are better than they ever were.

Eddy1964 - 10 Jul 2022

Well maybe if he didn’t name any of them I might be ok with it… in general I don’t like to think about his exes – I want him all to myself, even retroactively πŸ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Jul 2022

You dirty minds. I love it.
I love these videos where you talk to e.g. your dad oder now your ex

x9oo1 - 9 Jul 2022

How did you know my dad’s name is Oder? 😜

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jul 2022

I bet they all watched this!

SammArr - 9 Jul 2022

I wonder….

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jul 2022

If any of your exes see what you do now, they’ll probably be mad with lust and regret.

hmeier - 9 Jul 2022

Depends on their view of pee pay I guess! But yes I’m sure a few of them would have loved to give it a shot πŸ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jul 2022

Morgan!! so hot! What are your feelings that a former BF maybe watching you and Bruce?

tbo711 - 8 Jul 2022

The feelings are complex but overall I think it’s pretty hot πŸ™ˆ

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jul 2022