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Comments (16)

This is an epic feat that might not even be safe to top. For us non-Europeans/Canadians, that’s 44 ounces of piss — more than a third of a gallon. Try drinking 44 ounces of *anything* in 10-20 minutes. And this was not clear, easy piss. Morgan, please stay hydrated (yes, real water) in all your adventures, and thanks for a memorable achievement of submission and sacrifice.

Audysseus - 11 Jan 2022

Exactly right – I don’t think it would be safe to top! It’s just too much liquid for my little stomach, clear piss or not. I’m sure there are other ways we could make a new, even better Big Quantity video though… maybe in a public place like a park? 🤔

Bruce and Morgan - 11 Jan 2022

You can steal this from a crazy Oktoberfest date … best at a casual bar/beer garden/festival where you can be somewhat anonymous. You and Bruce order the same beer, something in a can or tinted bottle. As he’s finishing, he heads to the toilet and refills his empty bottle. Returns to the table, and you discreetly switch bottles. Big quantity? There’s always Fosters …

Audysseus - 14 Jan 2022

Did you watch Cum Walk & Piss Drinking in public? It’s where I drink a bottle of piss in a real public setting. I was so anxious and scared to be caught, but it turned out amazing!

BTW I like the Oktoberfest date idea so I’ll write it down 😉

Bruce and Morgan - 15 Jan 2022

Guess I have some catching up to do. The drink/walk shoot is daring, much riskier than I was thinking (reminds me of an Annette vid where she cum walks through Hofbrauhaus). The bar idea is more a hot secret for you and Bruce, Maybe you need the advanced course — a giant glass stein to swing around as you sing drinking songs with the bar maidens of Munich.

Audysseus - 16 Jan 2022

I 💛 that video from Annette!! She even talks to people while she has cum on her face… so courageous. Anyway, love your vision of me singing songs and drinking beer & pee with the bar maidens in Madrid! 🍻 Maybe one day 🤞

Bruce and Morgan - 17 Jan 2022

That’s awesome! Are you thinking of breaking your own record some day?

Matthias - 26 Nov 2021

Oh I don’t know, that was was REALLY hard! It’s just too much liquid for my little stomach… maybe over a long period of time I could

Bruce and Morgan - 28 Nov 2021

Woow Morgan you are fantastic

Andre - 26 Jan 2021

does clear piss taste much different than mostly clear piss?

deleted - 12 May 2019

that really depends on the person doing the peeing and what you consider “mostly clear piss”… can be quite a bit stronger by just beeing a bit yellow -M xx

Bruce And Morgan - 13 May 2019

Great job – when do you publish big quantity 3?

deleted - 10 Apr 2019

We kinda did already in XMas Drinking Game – there actually is A LOT of pee in 9 champagne glasses!

Bruce And Morgan - 12 Jan 2019

Great Vid

HankMaccoy - 10 Apr 2019

You guys need a bigger measurement beaker

rudy75 - 6 Jul 2018

Absolutly amazing, i wonder if the book of guinnis record could take it in:) But of course then you will have to do it again in front of the witnesses, and i had a good one, wont be the last.

deleted - 20 Apr 2018

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