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Comments (7)

To use a girl like an urinal for a whole day is so exciting idea!

Nietzsche77 - 3 Jan 2022

Wow, your videos are amazing. I really, really hope I can find someone like Morgan one day. Women that love to drink piss seem to be pretty rare.

Thafuture - 24 Jul 2021

You two are just amazing. not only how sexy and taboo you are but how you can feel the love and your relations over the videos. Thank you very much for sharing your passion with us. On this video a maybe innocent question for Morgan: Did you really went out with your friends after that? If so do you think anyone notice? How was it?

Naiboc - 21 Jul 2021

Awww so nice of you to say! We do love each other very much so it’s nice to know that it shows in our videos. I really do think that playing taboo sexual games makes us stronger as a couple! All those nice endorphins being released… About your question: yes, I did go out with my girlfriends after – but not on that day! This was a reenactment of a pre-pandemic night where Bruce really did pee in my mouth right before I left… I’m not sure if any of my friends noticed, I tried to hide the smell by chewing gum on my way there! 😅 – M xx

Bruce and Morgan - 23 Jul 2021

Excellent video! The best entertainment on the Internet. Morgan looks incredibly sexy kneeling down serving as Bruce’s piss toilet. This couple is living the great life. You two know how to make romance fun. This my idea of romance.

cirehte - 3 Jul 2021

Thanks! I totally get that – playing kinky pee games with a partner I love is very romantic for me too. It may not be the as socially acceptable as the cliche “dinner by candle light”, but in a way it’s way more fun & intimate! 🥰

Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2021