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Comments (26)

What an incredible video. It’s great to see performers here who seem to genuinely love drinking piss!

wsfan - 27 May 2022

I love that she says thank you 😍 and when she came to him with the water bottle and said Daddy I’m really thirsty… so hot. Are you opposed to calling Bruce daddy?

Bandmfan - 5 Jan 2022

Not opposed to it no, just not something that comes naturally for us. That’s why it’ so great to have other performers like Ema Lee on this site… different flavors of piss play!

Bruce and Morgan - 5 Jan 2022

Definitely one of the hottest vids i’ve ever watched!

Bandmfan - 2 Jan 2022

She looks just like AOC in those glasses!

GenXXX - 7 Sep 2021

I can kinda see that! 😂

Bruce and Morgan - 21 Sep 2021

This video is amazing. Ema Lee is awesome. She has a gift for guzzling piss straight from a cock. She keeps a nonchalant, easy-going fun attitude while serving as a urinal for her man. She is a dream woman.

cirehte - 2 Sep 2021

Best start of a video ever! 🙂

Naiboc - 19 Aug 2021

O yes i love her what a beautiful and good girl

Andre - 19 Jun 2021

Holy crap! She is a naughty little one!

Reacher - 21 May 2021

very good drinker! beautiful video

elf - 13 May 2021

I would love to see her pee and see her ass. she and sublime

castiel4005 - 12 May 2021
Bruce and Morgan - 13 Nov 2021

Wow! I come back after beeing a long time member to B&M. Looking forward to see more of her!

Sunshine19 - 10 May 2021

You will definitely see more of her! Check out the Ema Lee tag for all her vids

Bruce and Morgan - 13 May 2021

Fantastic video. But she really needs to show her breasts more :3

horstmensch - 8 May 2021

One video at a time… 😉

Bruce and Morgan - 13 May 2021

Great video
You should work together

Solar1976 - 8 May 2021

We’re already working together! You mean in the same room? Maybe in non-pandemic times would be easier to meet

Bruce and Morgan - 13 May 2021

Would love to see you work with Ema in the same room 🤯😍

Bandmfan - 19 Apr 2022

Wow! She’s beautiful, adorable, and amazing. What a wonderful woman. Awesome!!

SammArr - 7 May 2021

With all the pee she drinks I´m sure she needs to release herself. He should be a gentleman and lick & taste her while she pee´s

Pee-King Henry - 7 May 2021

I have to agree with Henry; turn about is fair play.

Giacomo - 9 May 2021

That might be for another video… But it’s less about being a gentleman and more about them doing what they like!

Bruce and Morgan - 13 May 2021

yes! Ema Lee is here! I’m a long time Morgan fan, and now Mya and Ema Lee? Take my money! xD

goldman108 - 7 May 2021

Yey! 😝

Bruce and Morgan - 13 May 2021