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Comments (25)

I have to say Morgan, the Toilet for a Day videos, are my absolute favorite videos of yours. They never disappoint.

IntrovertedPerv - 22 Mar 2022

Thanks! 😁
We love them too and will shoot more in the future! 💦

Bruce and Morgan - 22 Mar 2022

Saw a prev comment about recycle ur piss. I say a day of drinking bruce and you only drinking a water bottle filled with your own piss!! That would be HOT!!

Drk0517 - 2 Mar 2022

Indeed… we’ll definitely do something like that for the next Toilet for a Day! 😛

Bruce and Morgan - 3 Mar 2022

Def like the non-stop stream! I say soak ur clothes and hair too!! Covered and full of piss!!

Drk0517 - 2 Mar 2022

But if he soaks my hair and clothes… doesn’t it mean much less of it ends up in my stomach? 🤔

Bruce and Morgan - 2 Mar 2022

I think it’s my favorite series

castiel4005 - 27 Feb 2022


Audysseus - 28 Feb 2022


Bruce and Morgan - 1 Mar 2022

The fact that every time Bruce is so turned on he can barely pee and that Morgan is eager and waiting makes it so genuine.
I would love to see a video like “Toilet for a week” or “Toilet for a month” showing the real world difficulties of trying to go that long (pushing through the inevitable hard times). No dirty talk required. Just genuine convos of Morgan making a commitment and then seeing just how many days she can actually do it before she breaks and just can’t swallow another drop. And Bruce can make it harder by making her recycle her own piss from time to time.

anonymous - 23 Feb 2022

OMG can you imagine “Toilet for a Month”… that video would be 7 hours long 😅 I wonder how many days it would take for me before I start having a hard time swallowing it? I think I could last a long time but who knows. I guess even chocolate cake 3-4 times a day everyday would get old after a while.

But yeah love the recyling idea, we’ll definitely do that at some point. Maybe in Toilet for a Day #6!

Bruce and Morgan - 24 Feb 2022

I wish you would say “yes sir” or even “yes daddy” 😬😂 and thank Bruce properly ☺️

Bandmfan - 15 Feb 2022

The piss seemed lighter in color than in some of your others, Morgan.
Is the flavor different with paler pee? Does it make it easier to swallow?

And I agree with Audysseus that your apartment is lovely.

Giacomo - 13 Feb 2022

Surprisingly this time it was the last pee of the 3 that was the yellowest and strongest! Ususally it’s the morning one. But yes, paler pee is usually weaker and easier to drink.

Thanks, we love this appartment! There is so much light in here, we can shoot anywhere we like – it’s a dream come true. Expect to see every corner of it in the next few weeks 😉

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Feb 2022

Yes, you are making something breathtaking. From the setup, planning, new locations, concept and execution with sparkle in Morgan eyes filled with excitement (and also the pee) The degradation graduates like a fine wine and what you have achieved with the series has inspired many others. The act is happen to spread (which pave the way for new inspiration coming back to you, and that’s essential a good thing.) Personalty I miss the degradation talks a bit, it just creates the setup, like saying ”My stomach is your toilet” , to this day I believe that is the strongest sentence I ever heard as it contains extra layer of both of you enjoying each role so well, it gives everyone exciting feelings. Love it, cheers!

nepherias - 13 Feb 2022

We’re honoured if we can inspire other pee-loving couples out there with this series! We sure have had a lot of fun with it 😁 Don’t worry the dirty talk will be back in a future episode… it’s nice to switch it up sometimes!

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Feb 2022

Agree, and it doesn’t get said enough. Historically, and even now, there’s an unwritten rule that the harder the vid, the poorer the execution and videography, that the audience would be so excited by the content that good values were unnecessary.

Bruce and Morgan make work that will stand the test of time. Clearly one or both have a fair bit of camera experience and spend a good deal of time thinking about lighting, exposure, composition, and so on, so you can get lost in what they’re doing.

I do wish there could be an option for 4K (even at a premium level) as the content is unparalleled and it would support the other high-end aspects they bring to the table.

Audysseus - 28 Feb 2022

We do spend a lot of time and effort on image quality in the hope that our content can still excite people in a decade or two! 😇 Lighting, composition, focus etc took us so many videos to get right and I think we’re still improving with each one… that’s the cool thing about video creation, you’re never done learning!

Fear not, we have been shooting everything in 4K for a few years! Our current streaming provider doesn’t support it yet but we’re looking at alternatives. So basically… it’s coming! ✨

Bruce and Morgan - 1 Mar 2022

Fantastic news! Easier said than done I’m sure but that really would be the holy grail.

Audysseus - 2 Mar 2022

Yes yes yes! Incredible addition to my favorite series. A day-long big quantity, really, with great closeups, lots of smiles and face spitting. I like the cock slapping Bruce adds here. I know it can be tough with the mask, but it adds so much.

As an aside, your place is amazing. You always find the best ones to rent.

Audysseus - 12 Feb 2022

Absolutely right – while it may not look as impressive as me holding a 1.3L jug of piss like in Big Quantity #2, it ends up being WAY more by the end of the day! Many stomach’s worth 😅

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Feb 2022

Brilliant work, wish you best luck in the world. Very nice.

nepherias - 12 Feb 2022

That’s so nice! Thank you 😘

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Feb 2022

Awesome vid! But damn morgan ur killing me with those hot ass grey yoga pants! Please let Bruce unload in your pants! Love to see u toughing yourself while Bruce soaks ur crotch!!! Yay! ♥️♥️♥️

Drk0517 - 12 Feb 2022

😁 I did a video where I wet myself in grey yoga pants and masturbate. It’s called Wetting Masturbation… you should check it out 🥰

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Feb 2022