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Piss Drinking Debuts

28 Jan 2024 Piss Drinking Debuts Pissplay Approved 14

Remember my Piss Drinking Pioneers series, about the pee-loving pornstars that have come before me and that I look up to? Well this is the same thing, but in reverse! I’m calling it Piss Drinking Debuts, and it’s about celebrating the next generation of young women who – thirsty for new experiences – are just […]

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Piss Sucking

4 Mar 2023 Pissplay Approved 17

Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like to be a man. Big appendage hanging between my legs, reaching plates from the top shelf like it’s nothing… Toilet too far away? I snap my fingers and my well-trained girlfriend magically appears, mouth ready to suck every drop of pee out of me! No […]

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Busty Redhead

6 Jun 2022 Pissplay Approved 2

Time for another Pissplay Approved, where I share my favorite piss drinking clips from around the web. I confess – a big part of why I love this clip so much is that we hear the audio of an episode of Community in the background. One of my favorite shows ever! But it’s not just […]

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A Mouthful of Sunshine

18 Jan 2022 Pissplay Approved 4

Remember our Pissplay Approved series, where I share some of the best pee clips found on tube sites over the years? Boy have I got a little jewel for you today 💎 Sadly I don’t have much information about this video so if you know who or where this is from, let me know! I’d […]

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Graveyard Piss Drinking

23 Oct 2021 Pissplay Approved 3

Welcome to the second edition of Pissplay Approved, a series where I share the best pee clips we’ve found hiding in the dark corners of tube sites where few people dare to look! 👻 With Halloween right around the corner I can’t resist sharing these two clips of Kelly Stafford drinking piss in a cemetary. […]

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29 Sep 2021 Pissplay Approved 12

Bruce and I spend lots of time in the deep trenches of tube sites looking for new ideas and inspiration. This means we sometimes stumble on some hot or unique pee play clips from lesser-known creators, hidden gems that have so far just been sitting in our “favorites” folder, half-forgotten and lonely… Until today! Starting […]

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