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Lana, Piss Drinking Pioneer

21 Apr 2024 Piss Drinking Pioneers 5

Barely 4 years after my last one and BAM- you already get a new Piss Drinking Pioneers! What can I say – I like to spoil you… So today, class, we’re going to talk about someone a little more undergound than the Annette, Zophia & Viktoria of the world. Lana came and went from porn […]

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Viktoria Goo, Piss Drinking Pioneer

1 Feb 2020 Piss Drinking Pioneers 6

Time for part 3 of our ever-popular series, Piss Drinking Pioneers! This week we are talking about the legend, the superstar, the piss queen herself… Viktoria Goo! I discovered Viktoria shortly after stumbling on Annette, right in the very early days of my golden shower explorations. To say that they both had a huge impact on […]

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Zophia Myaw, Piss Drinking Pioneer

24 Sep 2019 Piss Drinking Pioneers 2

Our first “piss drinking pioneer” article proved incredibly popular (read it here!) so we are back this week with a brand new edition, this time featuring the voluptuous Zophia Myaw (also known as Zophia Meow, Zophya, Shanna Ryder, Vandal Vyxen and Myriam Crépeau!) I discovered Zophia in the usual manner – snooping around Bruce’s various tube site […]

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Annette Schwarz, Piss Drinking Pioneer

4 Aug 2019 Piss Drinking Pioneers 9

Here we are, debuting a new series of blog posts we’ll call “Piss Drinking Pioneers”! We want to keep the blog going with new content and since you guys haven’t been sending us too many new questions lately (don’t be shy, get in touch!) we’ll be sharing some of our favorite pee-positive performers with you, starting […]

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