The Poker Game (a Fantasy)

Three days ago I told you about Korrupted Kristy’s piss drinking video, and how I got extremely horny while masturbating Bruce as he watched it. So horny in fact that I had an extremely depraved sexual fantasy playing in my head the entire time, which I will share with you today!

I guess my imagination took what was happening in the video (go read my blog post about it if you haven’t already!) and personalised it with Bruce and I as characters. We’ve been playing cards a lot lately, which might explain the poker game context… It also provides a reason why I am “forced” to do things (ie: the poker chips) which makes it even hotter for me as things are happening “against my will”. It’s a huge turn-on (as a fantasy – not real life, of course!).

Last thing to note… I’m pretty shy about writing this. Bruce is making me do it, and I know many of you will like it so I’m typing it now. But please keep in mind that I am a very good, respectable girl in real life! I guess my mind becomes hyper-sexualized when forced to “edge” (masturbate without reaching orgasm) for many, many days in a row. Enjoy!

I am playing poker with Bruce and 3 of his buddies. I make a few wrong bets and lose all of my chips, but Bruce proposes to give me some of his stack in exchange for “showing off” one of my skills to his friends. I say “sure”, realizing too late that he’s not talking about my juggling abilities… he gets up, unzips his pants and whips his cock out right there in front of them, ready to pee. I try to laugh it off, try to convince myself that he’s joking. He’s not. He’s giving the severe, “obey my command now” eyes. I can see the expression on his friends’ faces slowly change from laughter to puzzlement to something else…

I am frozen in place, my face bright red. “There is no way I’m doing this in front of them” I think, and yet all it takes is a firm and loud “on your knees Morgan” from Bruce and my muscles instinctively obey. I cannot fight 3 years of conditioning. I kneel in front of him, look straight into his eyes and open my mouth, ashamed of myself for not protesting more.

A stream of warm pee immediately hits the back of my throat and keeps flowing […]

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Comments (13)

Excellent fantasy, bravo!

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A Member - 26 Jun 2023

Thank you 🥰

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Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

You’re a good writer! I suspect you are the brains of the operation. ;-)

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A Member - 12 Jun 2022

Thank you 🥰 We’re both the brains I guess… and the bodies! 🍆💦👄

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Bruce and Morgan - 13 Jun 2022

Good story! But you can be an urinal for them by default when they’re playing cards.. to suck they cocks under the table and get a piss in your mouth when needed.. better if you are bound in the WC, kneeled near the urinal, and everyone can use you when he wants..
Have you seen a video “Rocco More Than Ever 2” where Anne Ingretton sits naked in the toilet near the urinal and everybody use her mouth and face for pissing?

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A Member - 1 Jan 2022

Yes I did see it, but in the version I saw you never see any guy pee in her mouth or face… they just keep cutting to water splashing inside the toilet bowl, which was so disappointing!! 😞

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Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jan 2022

Oh, how interesting! Thank you very much! You discover a new version of this film to me, 2:18 instead of 1:56! You’re great!
Anne Ingretton (blonde girl) is very beautiful and very submissive, that’s nice)

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A Member - 4 Jan 2022

I watched yesterday this version – you’re right, it’s very strange to see only toilet with water instead of naked Anne kneeling near the urinal, kindly asking to piss on her face and in her mouth and getting it!

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A Member - 5 Jan 2022

WOW! This is so hot, I will now have to fantasize about it as well.

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A Member - 12 Dec 2019

I hope you do! It turns me on to think other people are imagining me in that situation as well :))) -M xx

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Bruce And Morgan - 13 Dec 2019

Now I can only fantasize about the rest of your fantasy. By the way, I am prety sure almost every rerspectable person has very dirty fantasies and is kind of shy about it.

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A Member - 14 Dec 2019

This would be incredible if you ever acted this out and filmed it. It’s one thing to be submissive to your partner, but if you are swallowing pee and cum from others… WOW.

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A Member - 9 Mar 2020

You should look at some stories on Literotica. Com, or even think about writing some for there! This was a hot little story 😁

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A Member - 20 Apr 2020

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