Korrupted Kristy, Party Piss Slave

Remember the “masturbation assistant” game I told you about in a recent blog post? We did it again today and since I’m not allowed to touch myself or cum during the video I have all this unreleased sexual energy thay I need to put somewhere… so I’ll pour it all into this text!

I can feel the submission in her eyes

The video I chose this time is of a girl called Korrupted Kristy drinking piss from two guys while they film her with their cell phones. She is wonderfully submissive, obeying to everything they say immediately and is clearly not dodging the piss at all… they piss in her hair, in her eyes and in her mouth (a lot!) and she swallows it all like a perfect little urinal. It really feels like they could do whatever the hell they wanted with her and she would be ok with it – liking it, even. I love her!

Bruce loved her too it seems. He came so hard that it went all over his stomach but also quite a bit on the couch! I licked it all clean. Yes, even from the couch – Bruce made sure of that. I still have little bits of fibers in my mouth. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Now there’s something else I should confess… I had the dirtiest, most vivid sexual fantasy ever while playing this video for Bruce! I think it’s because he hasn’t let me have an orgasm in many days. He’s making me “edge” (touching myself but stopping just before cumming) and it’s driving me crazy. I’m horny all the time.

Anyway, after the video I told him the sexual fantasy I had and he ordered me to type it here for you all to read! It involves him and three of his friends… I’m a bit shy about it. It’s pretty depraved. But hey, he ordered so I will obey. I just need to finish typing it and I’ll publish it on this blog in the next few days.

UPDATE: Fantasy published! Read it here: The Poker Game

– A very horny Morgan xx

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Really looking forward to reading the pretty depraved sexual fantasy of a very horny Morgan!

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A Member - 9 Dec 2019
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Bruce and Morgan - 11 Nov 2021

Great post

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A Member - 21 Dec 2019

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