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Comments (11)

I think it would be hot to see a game where a blindfolded woman tried to guess whether it was her boyfriend or someone else peeing in her mouth. A similar “taste game” with cum would be amazing!

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A Member - 26 Apr 2024

It could be interesting. Bruce’s pee doesn’t always taste the same though so I wonder if I could guess right… 🤔

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Bruce and Morgan - 26 Apr 2024

Another outstanding video from Ema Lee and Nick. Every video they make is a guaranteed hit. She has no problem drinking his piss. She drinks it like it’s water.

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A Member - 4 Jan 2024

That tasting escalated quickly! We were missing Emma and Nick!

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A Member - 15 Feb 2023

Yes great to have them back 🤗

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Bruce and Morgan - 20 Feb 2023

We really need another video with you and Morgan together. Swap some fluids 🤤

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A Member - 14 Feb 2023

Ahh, the way Emma loves piss is charming! :) By the way, the heart you recently added in the website logo is very charming too! Very lovely move!! 😍😍

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A Member - 13 Feb 2023

Oh that was a temporary thing for Valentine’s Day actually! We customize the logo for Christmas, Halloween etc

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Bruce and Morgan - 20 Feb 2023

Love Ema so fucking much! ❤️

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A Member - 12 Feb 2023

(As she’s finishing the second glass) “It’s good; I like it. Now I wish we’d used bigger glasses.” I nearly came right there, so hot!

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A Member - 11 Feb 2023

Agree that’s a great quote! 💛

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Bruce and Morgan - 20 Feb 2023

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