Health Concerns

Do you get many questions about safety/health concerns? I don’t think golden showers and piss drinking can be considered “mainstream” and I’m pretty sure many people still believe it can be a health hazard to engage in these activities.

a fan

Yes we do! In fact we got this on twitter this morning:

I am concerned for your health. Actually consuming urine is not that healthy. Hopefully you only do this when it’s recorded?

Our reply:

Don’t worry, as long as both the giver and receiver are healthy, and the giver is well hydrated, it really is harmless. Urine is 95% water after all, and the rest (nitrogen, phosphorous etc) can just be filtered by the kidneys again. The extra load on the kidneys is tiny.

We didn’t answer the second part of that guy’s question because we didn’t want to freak him out, but no, we don’t do it only for the camera. We play these piss drinking games in our private sex life too – whenever we want! Let’s just say if it really was that bad, we’d both be dead ;)

Thanks for your question!

– Morgan xx


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