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Comments (13)

Now that u did your top degraded videos. Love to see Morgans top 5 that turned her on the most

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Drk0517 - 1 Aug 2023

Hey that’s a pretty good idea! Might do that some day…

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Aug 2023

Good Girls get to have ice cream in her hot fucking mouth, swallow it with a piss chaser you dirty fucking slut

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krissy - 11 Jun 2023

Morgan i absolutely love the 1st urinal video. You look soo amazing getting showered by Bruce!

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Drk0517 - 10 Jun 2023

Yeah what a classic… hope to do another video in the men’s urinals someday!

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Bruce and Morgan - 18 Jun 2023

Morgan, any update on the new blog post you mentioned?

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Giacomo - 17 Apr 2023

It’s coming soon, maybe tomorrow! Been working on it this weekend but other things keeps getting in the way 仄儭 UPDATE: Here it is! Is Degradation Enjoyable?

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Bruce and Morgan - 17 Apr 2023

That was a very personal review and an amazing insight into your thoughts. Thanks for opening. And btw, love the almost final message. Repestc to all the amazing couples and women that enjoy piss drinking and degradation. And amazing how they share their love and passion with us.

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Naiboc - 17 Apr 2023

Amen to that! It takes a lot of courage to share such intense sexual moments with an audience on the internet… I’m personnally inspired whenever I see an adult performer share their own kinks with pride, which is partly what inspired this video!

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Bruce and Morgan - 6 Jun 2023

Really fun and interesting! About the floor licking — I always assumed you cleaned the floor before doing that? But maybe not! I’ve also wondered if any of your landlords have seen your videos and realized what was going on in their place? In fact, what about your friends and acquaintances, former colleagues and whatnot? Or, as implied by the last scene, your parents or family?? Have you ever had a hint that any of these people have seen your videos? What do you tell them you do? You’re a very brave girl. I always look forward to seeing what you do next!!

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SammArr - 16 Apr 2023

I do clean the floor beforehand, but only when I know that a scene will involve floor licking… sometimes it’s spontaneous (like in the hotel)! Never had any bad feedback from a landlord, we always clean up really well. I also have a “real” job which is what I tell people when they ask – porn is more of a hobby though it is taking more and more of our time

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Bruce and Morgan - 6 Jun 2023

This was great! It was very fun to hear what you were thinking while filming these, and also the behind-the-scenes comments. Loved it!

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wsfan - 15 Apr 2023

A very nice trip down memory lane!!!

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FunGV - 14 Apr 2023

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