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Comments (10)

Very hot video! Reminded me of those “bukkake news” videos where someone presents a news show while not noticing the guys cumming on them or fucking them. Very nice theme, and incredibly arousing as well

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ferdinand - 22 Dec 2022

Yes I love those japanese bukkake/pee news videos!!! A scene like that has been on our “to do” for a while, just gotta make sure we find a nice setup somewhere that feels “newsy” enough…

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Bruce and Morgan - 27 Dec 2022

Holy fuck. I honestly think this might be one of my favourite vids of all time. I absolutely LOVE this series. So original and so hot. I love just after 9 mins when you are barely holding it together with Bruce fucking you from behind. You both look like you had so much fun and that just makes great content

Brilliant facial at the end, 10/10 cannot wait for the next instalment!

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Aventuro - 24 Jul 2022

Oh wow a glowing review! 🥰 Can’t wait for the next instalment as well though I haven’t been playing too many games lately… it’s more of a winter thing for me ⛄

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Bruce and Morgan - 25 Jul 2022

Bit different to the professional game company reviews I’ve seen. But I think for the better.

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john - 27 Mar 2022

What are you talking about – this *is* a professional game company review 😂

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Bruce and Morgan - 30 Mar 2022

indeed it is.

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john - 30 Mar 2022

This is my new favorite fetish series to date. Piss play with gameplay is the next level! You and bruce are the ultimate dream team! Keep it up!

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lavellj048 - 11 Mar 2022

Thank you so much 🥰 We love this fetish too! I wonder what game I’ll review next 🤔

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Bruce and Morgan - 12 Mar 2022

I liked the change with the stockings. and I loved that little ending. that was cool.

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john - 4 Mar 2022

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