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Comments (5)

Hee – a nice video. Giving and receiving are the two sides of the medal. I am not too much into subordination – everybody who wants to pee into a mouth should accept pee in his oder her mouth, too. And loving couples should share kisses when their faces are drenched in cum and pee. :-)

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Bigguy67 - 11 Apr 2022

Beautiful photography of Mya sucking Anthony’s lovely, uncircumcised prick. I especially liked when Anthony approached Mya’s mouth with his foreskin still covering his tip, then seeing it retract as she took his cock into her mouth.

Later as Mya hovers over his face and lets her pee flow, Anthony is not as eager to swallow her piss as she was with his. Nonetheless, he did a terrific job of licking and cleaning up her pissy pussy. I envied him in those moments.

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Giacomo - 8 Apr 2022

Maybe he just doesn’t have as much practice with swallowing piss as she does 😅! I also really like the part where he cleans her up

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Apr 2022

For me, giving is always better. So sexy when a woman is on her knees taking a warm load or a nice faceful of piss.

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IntrovertedPerv - 8 Apr 2022

I can see the appeal… 😄

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Apr 2022

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