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Comments (7)

What an amazing video. That part at the end where she’s using her shirt to literally give herself a spongebath in piss is just *chef’s kiss*.

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A Member - 30 Apr 2022

I love that too 👌

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Bruce and Morgan - 3 May 2022

Mya is a very beautiful girl and she always does greatI

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A Member - 1 Jan 2022

So true!!! 💛

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Bruce and Morgan - 16 Feb 2022

I’m with Xin_Ho on this. Mya is damn amazing, but I can’t wait for the Bruce and Morgan version.

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A Member - 17 Dec 2021

One of my favourite videos from mya quinn. Can’t wait for you guys to try it, seems like alot of fun :)

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A Member - 3 Dec 2021

I know right? They shot this a while back which is why the image quality is not like their more recent videos but the action is just so good, we just had to share it here with you guys. Looks like a ton of fun! 🤩

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Bruce and Morgan - 5 Dec 2021

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