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Comments (20)

she is a perfect 10. Love it all… incredible girl

jmondongo - 29 Sep 2022

Yes she is!! ๐Ÿ’›

Bruce and Morgan - 1 Oct 2022

I have to agree that seeing Morgan do anal would be absolutely amazing , but, if she’s not ready for that it is what it is. Their sex scenes are enough for now.

rycyyn - 17 Dec 2021

i hope we see a lot more of Mya Quinn she is perfect

Andre - 25 Jun 2021

Be sure to check out our Mya Quinn tag, we have lots more of them and they are all awesome! And of course you can always find more on their various pages: Mya & Anthony ๐Ÿ’›

Bruce and Morgan - 16 Feb 2022

Why drink from a glass when you have the source ? But otherwise a great video

Pee-King Henry - 2 Apr 2021

Yes, I’ve seen Mya before. Love the anal play along with the piss and all the rest. After you get the buttplug you maybe can get Bruce to fit in that tiny butt hole and fil it with piss.

KKIDDO - 24 Mar 2021

Whoa there – let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Already just considering a butt plug is a huge step for me

Bruce and Morgan - 2 Apr 2021

Well god damn thats good! Love how she got drenched after having cum in her eye!

Reacher - 24 Mar 2021

Love this piss! You guys got me all hard when I saw the new video pop up and I would absolutely love it if Mya and Anthony made more contributions to the site. Bravo!

Pornosavant - 13 Mar 2021

Oh they will – we’re actually planning on publishing a new exclusive video form them in the next few weeks! Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜

Bruce and Morgan - 2 Apr 2021

Why pee in a bucket? Take it directly from the source! She should pee on him! :)

Pee-King Henry - 10 Mar 2021

Oh my, very nice. Anal, ATM, piss drinking. My favorite combination!

wetfun - 8 Mar 2021

This is not for me. I am on this site for Morgan (Morgan, you’re a fox!!) and Bruce too, and a Morgan-less week is not a good week.

Whitebait - 8 Mar 2021

No worries, we’ll be back next week. But Bruce and I love having guests over from time to time – we get inspired by their version of piss play. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Bruce and Morgan - 8 Mar 2021

Suggestion: When the Olympic Games start: combine it with pissolympics Morgan competing with her guests. First disciplines would be big quantity and public cumwalk. :-)

bigguy67 - 8 Mar 2021

That sounds fun!! I wonder how much piss Mya can drink in one go? Not really fair for Alexandra though…. she’s piss drinking newbie ; )

Bruce and Morgan - 8 Mar 2021

They have a video with her on the bed and being showered with lots of piss on pornhub you should watch it sometime :D

Xin_Ho - 6 Mar 2021
Bruce and Morgan - 8 Mar 2021

“almost makes me want to try some ass play” stop teasing us we really need to see Morgan do more ass play

lebdude - 5 Mar 2021