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Comments (11)

Something my wife and I enjoyed–ok, not just my wife–is this: Put on a condom and shove your dick into her cunt. Deep. Now piss. You have to hold the condom tight to the base of your cock for a good seal. The balloon of piss as the condom swells up inside her, I’m told, feels “AMAZING!”
Then, at some point the condom will fail and there will be piss all over and it is just so much fucking horny fun!
At this point in the game, if she is any kind of lady at all, she will be begging you to jack off in her face. “I wanna watch that cum flow out of your cock. I wanna see it. Show it to me. Please let me watch you cum. ”
But I digress…stay horny my friends!

mindpilot - 12 Sep 2022

That does sound fun! Although as can be seen in this video, the condom may not fail so quickly… we had such a hard time getting it to break! 😅

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Sep 2022

This clip from the trailer brought me here and it is hot as fuck

Valmont1978 - 4 Jan 2022

Yeah I love the part where it explodes all over my face!! I’m working on a new trailer these days, should be online pretty soon… can’t beliebe we haven’t updated it in almost 3 years 😱

Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jan 2022

This was realy fantastic

deleted - 5 May 2020

LOVE the cum and piss coctail!

Norgeman - 11 Jan 2020

Its gonna go in my brain! Love that quote. Sexy and fun clip. I like when he gets your eyes hehe…

rabbitdaegon - 3 Aug 2019

I had to come back to you guys. You rock! Started missing the hotness you have. If you ever do a ‘fan inclusion’ in your productions …. LoL

deleted - 3 Jun 2019

Good to have you back! And… we’ll keep that in mind ;)

Bruce And Morgan - 3 Jun 2019

Fantastic. I would make more commentary, but my English is so bad . You are THE best Morgan. I’m totally addict. I always wait for updates and they are more and more Great!!! Kisses :-)

deleted - 31 May 2019

Your english is totally fine and we love reading your comments!! :)

Bruce And Morgan - 3 Jun 2019

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