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Comments (8)

Wow this was your first video?! Amazing! I personally think it’s much hotter when bruce’s piss is dark yellow because I know it’s stronger and saltier for sexy Morgan to take, but she’s a pro and it makes it that much hotter!

Smookiekart - 12 Apr 2019

Outstanding clip! Kudos to you both. I didn’t know how erotic a piss scene can be until I seen your video the first time. Thanks to you I got a new kink. Your video shots are amazing, sound excellent quality, lightning is really good you can see the smallest details like the cum slowly submerges into the pee and disappear in the toilet bowl (Morgan’s mouth) . NICE! I love Morgan with Funnel and Funnel overflow clips however this is my favorite by far because of the multiple angles . I agree with the comments above how fantastic was the side angle adding more detail to the scene however the top down view was also fantastic having a better view on Morgan/toilet lips wrapping around the bottle and seeing the pee and cum slowly going down the hatch until all that is left is a hungry black whole the swallow it all. You can have a great view from the side once the pee level overflows the mouth/toilet bowl but you miss out seeing the bowl/mouth filling up or the last drops going down from side view. Can you guys do both angles in future updates again? It would be great to see this funnel piss/cum clips from above and side view but don’t cut them just release the full length separately . Good Job guys love your work, keep them cumming.

deleted - 11 Feb 2018

Your video quality and technique are great. The two views are really well done. Cum /piss cocktails are a real erotic turn on for me. This one is particularly fine.

SanchoPanza - 20 Nov 2017

The views from the side were outstanding! love the back -lighting, it really makes the piss and cum stand out. The scenes where you cum into the piss are really fantastic — hope to see more of that!

deleted - 18 Nov 2017

Aside from the seeing her throat contract showing she is indeed swallowing every drop, I am more amused by the droplets of piss dropping on her face and eyes. Morgan does not even flinch as each one comes down.

uneekg - 21 Oct 2017

Watching Morgan’s lips wrapping softly around the bottle, and her throat contracting slowly and methodically as she drained the bottle was absolutely mesmerizing.

deleted - 30 Sep 2017

I really love this video. Seeing the piss being held in the funnel while in Morgan’s mouth is hot to watch. I hope Morgan was turned on as she lay there waiting for the cum shot additions to her drink. I would of loved to see her rubbing her pussy as Bruce jerked off. God, it was a lovely sight to see the funnel drain empty with each one of Morgan’s swallows. Beautiful!

sandman - 15 May 2017

Indeed I was very turned on in that scene! But you’re right – I guess the camera has rarely seen me touch myself while getting peed on… only in Morgan Plays with Veggies so far. I was actually masturbating in My Very Perverse Bath, but you can’t see because of the bubbles, haha! ;) Will have to loosen up and do it more often…

Bruce And Morgan - 20 May 2017