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Girl Peeing
Morgan’s Toilet Adventures
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Girl Peeing
Pussy Play
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Girl Peeing
Playing with Myself
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Laundry Day
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Piss Pool
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Coffee Table POV
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Girl Peeing
Morgan Peeing Everywhere
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Girl Peeing
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Girl Peeing
Peeing in the Sunlight
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Girl Peeing
Morgan’s Pee Adventures
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Girl Peeing
Morgan’s Peeing Experiments
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Girl Peeing
Butt Plug Play
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Girl Peeing
Morgan Peeing in the Grass
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Piss and Cum
Big Quantity #3
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Piss and Cum
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Piss and Cum
Golden Shower from Above
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Piss and Cum
Morgan Crawls for Her Treat
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Piss and Cum
Christmas 2021
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Toilet Wine
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Piss and Cum
Piss and Cum Funnel #2
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Piss and Cum
A Warm Bowl of Piss and Cum Before Bed
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Piss and Cum
Horny After Brunch
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Piss and Cum
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Piss and Cum
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Piss and Cum
My First Glory Hole
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Cum Cleaning with Annette
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Through My Eyes
Thumbnail for Tropical Cum Cleaning
Tropical Cum Cleaning
Thumbnail for Two Streams!
Two Streams!
Thumbnail for Kinky on the Counter
Kinky on the Counter
Thumbnail for Milking Table
Milking Table
Thumbnail for The Sunny Spot
The Sunny Spot
Thumbnail for I Like to Obey…
I Like to Obey…
Thumbnail for Testing my Obedience
Testing my Obedience
Thumbnail for Please Spit in my Mouth, Sir
Please Spit in my Mouth, Sir
Thumbnail for Piss Blast in Slow-mo
Piss Blast in Slow-mo

Comments (13)

Wow, super hot seeing Morgan quench her own thirst!

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A Member - 19 Apr 2017

Thank you! I’ve been practicing my self-pee skills lately, hopefully can show you all soon! :) -Morgan

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Bruce And Morgan - 27 Apr 2017

Super Hot ! I am addicted to dirty stuff and watersports now since over a decade. All started with a nasty young woman in a video which did drink her more experianced older lovers urin direct from the source with the penis putted in her mouth, not wasting any single drop. Since then i watched and searched a lot of that kind of porn and actions in real life but never NEVER ever i have seen such an erotical couple like you bove that did this in perfection like that young woman i watched and with all this started for me.
THX BruceAndMorgan ! I love you both ! :)

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A Member - 12 May 2017

WOW – Thanks PeterPervert! We actually started this site exactly for people like you (and like us!)… after years of looking for a website that does real amateur piss drinking – from people who actually enjoy what they are doing – we just had to start our own. There’s something so erotic about the intimacy that comes from doing such nasty things together… And we love your idea (drinking piss straight from the cock) – will definitely have to do that one at some point! :)

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Bruce And Morgan - 13 May 2017

I LOVE I T! Morgan has such a sexy voice. Hearing her say “Wow” in awe as she filmed Bruce’s cock shooting cum in the piss filled bowl was HOT! I loved how she remarked how “beautiful” his cum looked as it had coagulated in the pool of piss and she made sure Bruce got an upclose view of it with the camera before she drank it down. Simply beautiful stuff!

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A Member - 14 May 2017

I really was in awe! We had been talking about filming a cumshot in pee for a few weeks, so it was quite a treat to see it live in front of me. Beautiful. Just wish we could see it better on camera – might have to do it again, filming from the top next time. Glad others are appreciating the kinky beauty of our fetish as much as we do! :) -M

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Bruce And Morgan - 15 May 2017

Wow Morgan is just gorgeous and very exciting. She has the two things that excite me the most: drink piss and have lovely and delicious feet. Hope one day we’ll see a piss video combined with some feet POV. Great job Bruce and Morgan!!!

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A Member - 1 Jun 2017

Very good mixing. Thanks, may be in the glass has beer !

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A Member - 16 Jun 2017

I agree with Aldaris Morgan I s absolutely stunningly beautiful from head to toe. You have a beautiful face, always smiling, a great little body with perfect little titties and gorgeous legs and perfect little feet and toes. You guys are fantastic together and it’s great to see how much Morgan enjoys drinking Bruce’s piss and cum and her own piss . Every movie is super hot!!

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A Member - 15 Jul 2017

Wow – amazing video. Lovely to see Morgan peeing – and such a lot of pee! The whole video is truly beautiful.

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A Member - 31 Oct 2017

I just discovered you guys today. Spectacular!! Had to join right away. I’ve been into piss play for a long long time. Only a couple of videos I’ve seen seem to convey the real pleasure this activity can bring. Your enjoyment is very much part of the erotic aspet of these photos and videos. I wanted to watch all the videos right away but i decided to pace myself and just watch a few. Morgan is hot Hot HOT. What a great body and smile. I really like the fact that the piss has color. In many videos it is absolutely clear which takes away from the real piss aspect. Keep it up Bruce (pun intended) and Morgan.

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A Member - 10 Nov 2017

fantastic job! i love when you drink your own piss….

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A Member - 11 Jan 2018

I would have fought you for that bowl after you filled it, Morgan!

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A Member - 24 Jun 2020

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