Piss Olympics

My friends, I have a secret to share with you: Bruce and I don’t actually publish every single video we shoot 🤯 Far from it, in fact! Sometimes a technical problem ruins the footage (bad focus, flickering), or the concept we had in mind was too ambitious or more funny than hot… today I’d like to share an example of the latter: a little video we’ll call “Piss Olympics”.

It’s something that’s been suggested many times so we finally gave it a shot last summer. The idea is to find out who’s the true Piss Champion – Bruce or Morgan? We went all out: bought a trophy, thought about the rules of three different disciplines, put lines of tape on the ground to delimit different zones… we even recorded ourselves doing “voice overs” as if we were commentators giving insights into the performance of the athletes onscreen! 😂

From our secret archives…

Just because it didn’t become an official video doesn’t mean we can’t give you a little taste of what could have been 😉

Bruce and I compete against each other for the coveted title of Piss Champion: Most powerful stream, pee precision, piss drinking…

We had a great time doing it but after many hours of shooting and editing over several days we still weren’t happy enough with the final product to officially publish it. We love doing more experimental videos, but they also have to be exciting! We thought this one was maybe more funny than hot (what do you think?).

In any case, as we’re taking a break from publishing an official video this week we might as well share this one with you our lovely members. I think quite a few will get a kick out of seeing the stuff we never publish, and a little “behind the scene” look into the process of creating fresh porn week after week. Sometimes you got to let your imagination run wild, and just have fun with it!


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Comments (7)

I liked this video a lot, it was funny and it gave me the horn. Really great voice over and editing.

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A Member - 27 Nov 2022

God we laughed so much while making that voice-over… good times 😂

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Bruce and Morgan - 1 Dec 2022

Sorry I didn’t see this when it was first posted. It was fun, and I definitely would enjoy more BTS videos. We like seeing our favorite urophile couple in their natural habitat (so to speak).

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A Member - 7 Apr 2022

Sure we’ll try to do more! I like those too

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Apr 2022

Oui moi aussi je n avais pas remarqué !! Merci !!!

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A Member - 31 Jul 2022

Great fun! I love your playful attitude.

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A Member - 4 Apr 2022

Glad you liked it! The voice-over cracks me up… can’t believe we did that 😂

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Bruce and Morgan - 4 Apr 2022

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