Behind the Scenes of Piss Bath #2

A little behind the scenes look at the video we’re currently working on – to be published this weekend (Oct 7-8 2022):

That’s a WHOLE LOT of pee, and we’re not even done yet! 😱 What are we going to do with all of it? Stay tuned to find out πŸ˜‹

UPDATE: It’s published! Piss Bath #2

– Morgan xx

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Comments (4)

I would love to see you bathing in pee!

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Eddy1964 - 7 Oct 2022

This is the closest I got so far:

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022

I am intrigued! When watching the occasional GGG flick where they put the girl in a bathtub, I often have wished they could actually fill the tub so much that she could really take a bath. Someone should do the math on how many guys it would take to fill a tub in reasonable time.

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hmeier - 7 Oct 2022

Yeah I know what you mean! I’ve seen some japanese movies where they do fill a small transparent pool with piss – and it really seems like it takes an army of guys several days to fill it up.

I was surprised that after 3 days of peeing Bruce and I could only fill a few centimeters of our bathtub… still felt like a whole lot of pee to play with though! 😁

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Oct 2022

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