Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in Cheek by VG Animated
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A few months ago the awesome VG Animated asked me permission to do a tribute of sorts based on our videos. I accepted immediately – who doesn’t want to see themselves as a 3D character? Fast forward to yesterday when he published his creation online and all I can say is WOWOWOW 🔥

I got permission from no other than @bruceandmorgan1 themselves to make a tribute piece. So here’s my personal interpretation of the marvelous content they’ve created. Enjoy :>

VG Animated on Twitter

A lot of work

I’ve seen my fair share of adult 3D art / cartoon porn but I gotta say I had no idea of all the work that goes into making a single image like this.

That’s why VG Animated’s timelapse of 10 hours of work compressed into an 11 minutes timelapse is so damn impressive:

Seems like he used our video Lipstick Degradation as inspiration for the “Toilet” written around my mouth, and Piss and Cum in Slow-Motion for the finger on the lips. Very cool!

He has lots more great creations on his various websites and social media profiles, here’s where to find him:

Twitter: @VG_Animated
Reddit: /u/VGAnimated

– Morgan xx

PS: Apparently there are some of you who are into winking. A fan of ours has been kind enough to send us some of our best winking moments 😉


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He’s a cool guy, his Overwatch watersports content is so unique, and the golden stream simulations look so realistic. Most people can’t render or are not willing to do that type of stuff.

I even commissioned a small image set with Tracer and her GF Emily:

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A Member - 4 Dec 2022

Very cool. The pattern of the piss mid-air and falling onto … you? … makes it feel sooo realistic. And I’m a huge fan of girls winking in porn. Or anytime, really.

Two semi-related questions: have you and Bruce ever thought about doing a hentai cosplay-style scene? The escapist/roleplay aspect (like with your mask), where you can be anyone, is really hot to me. You’d fit right in.

And, would you ever consider trying colored contacts, like blue or green? For me your eyes are the focal point of any vid you do, and the contrast and “differentness” of a new color has the potential for some striking images. If you’re up for either, I’d chip in.

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A Member - 8 Mar 2022

Cosplay >> YES! Absolutely. We’ve talked about it several times already… as soon as we settle down a little more I’d love to explore that genre and mix it with pee play! 😃

Colored contacts >> Probably not! My eyes are really sensitive, it’s almost impossible to put contacts on… but you know, never say never and all that ;)

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Bruce and Morgan - 11 Mar 2022

Good points, thanks for the reply!

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A Member - 11 Mar 2022

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